Gira System 3000 lighting control

A smart system tailored to your smart lifestyle.

When you want to turn a house into an actual home, light planning is essential. Thanks to Gira System 3000, you can choose whether your lights are controlled manually via switch, remotely via an app, or by smart motion detectors. The different top units can be interchanged and replaced anytime. By way of example, an ordinary switch may turn into an easy-to-use display device that enables you to set automatic schedules for your lamps. But that's not all: each component comes in a variety of designs that work well with any interior style.

Product features

This product can be controlled with an app via smartphone or tablet.

Lighting level can be adjusted.

Product for lighting control.

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

Product automatically switches the light on/off when motion or darkness is detected.

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Convenient and efficient – manual control with Gira System 3000.

Perhaps you like the comfort you’re accustomed to and just want a simple light switch. With Gira System 3000, you can choose between operating attachments with arrow symbols and those without. They allow you to intuitively adjust the brightness of your lights. Even the manual switch, in combination with a dimmer, lets you determine the level of brightness or dimness. Using the Gira System 3000 extension unit, you can also control each individual light or all of them at once.

Gira System 3000 operating attachment: Gira E3 in pure white glossy.

Automatic lighting according to personal schedules.

The Gira System 3000 memory operating attachment allows you to determine when the lights come on, even when you’re not home. The same can be done using the display interface. By tapping your finger on the wall control unit button, you can easily set a fixed lighting schedule for each light in your home. You may also simulate your presence when you’re away, deterring any potential burglars.

b2c_3_4_1_2_Manuelles_Licht_Gira_System_3000_Bild_01 (1)
Memory control switch: Gira E2 in pure white glossy.

Gira System 3000 time switch display with touch-sensitive buttons.

The Gira System 3000 time switch display lets you simulate your presence, easily and intuitively. You can set individual “lights on” schedules for each individual room. You can also adapt them to set the timer on for varying times depending on the day of the week, or even for the weekend. An integrated astro function helps you adjust the lights in accordance with sunrise and sunset. The touch-sensitive keys and illuminated display make it easy to operate your smart system.

Time switch display: Gira E2 in stainless steel.

Control the lights from your sofa.

Lights on, lights off, adjusting the schedules to suit your daily routine – all this is possible with Gira System 3000. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can change your settings anytime via app. Remote light control equally works with Gira System 3000 motion detectors.

Gira Home App Lichtsteuerung auf englisch
Lighting control with the Gira Smart Home app.
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Gira light switches

Even the most basic Gira system will meet highest standards in terms of quality, design, technology, and security. Switching, touching, dimming – Gira offers a wide range of product solutions for manual lighting control, both indoors and outdoors. Our 10 design lines with over 80 frame variants in a variety of colours and materials includes plenty of options, ensuring that your switches will match your style.