Gira Home Station

Gira Wohnungsstation Türsprechanlage Video

Opening doors has never been so stylish.

Welcome guests via a hands-free system and optionally via video camera.

The Gira home stations are the counterpart to the Gira door stations, which are installed outside. They are used for door monitoring, communication with visitors and opening the door. Both the basic version and the station with video can be quickly and easily installed directly on the wall. They are completely pre-assembled and with a height of only 21 mm are very flat. The home station can either be mounted framelessly, or combined with frames from various Gira design lines.

Product Features

Product for image and sound transmission.

Allows you to save image data and check who rang the bell when you are absent.

Different frame variations are available in numerous shapes and colours.

Listen to who is at the front door: Practical and functional.

A home station provides security and is practical – especially if you live on upper floors. The low-priced basic model functions simply with four operating buttons: If someone rings at the door, you can speak to them and open the door using the station. The hands-free system has excellent voice quality: If the background noise outside the front door is particularly loud, you can activate the override function on the home station, which automatically switches the microphone to the highest level and audibly optimises communication. For the ringtone, you can choose between five different melodies.

Gira Produkt Tuersprechanlage Wohnungsstation
Gira surface-mounted home station video Plus, pure white glossy; Esprit linoleum multiplex anthracite and light grey.

See who is at the front door: With video and advanced functions.

The Gira surface-mounted home station video Plus offers somewhat more features. It also has a 2.2" (5.6 cm) colour display with a high depth of focus and great visibility from various viewing angles. Depending on the settings, up to three images are recorded via a local image memory each time the doorbell rings so that, if you are absent, you can see afterwards who was standing at the door. Thanks to special sensor technology, the operating keys respond to a gentle touch. The speaker and microphone are not directly visible from the front of the device on its discreet, homogeneous front panel. 21 different languages are available for selection for the display texts. In addition, up to ten customised ring tones can be saved on the integrated MicroSD memory card.

Gira Produkt externe Kamera
Easy installation for a safe feeling at home.

Keep an eye on your house from several sides with external cameras.

Your Gira home station can also be easily connected with external cameras. Gira's external camera is ideal for outdoor use: The waterproof and dustproof camera has an automatic camera heater that prevents fogging. Even poor lighting conditions does not prevent you from using the camera – infrared LEDs are used in complete darkness. Keep an eye on your property from several perspectives – be it at the entrance area, the garden or the garage driveway.

Gira Produkt Wohnungsstation

It Fits: Because design should adapt to your style, not the other way round.

Even a door intercom system can become an eye-catcher – if it's from Gira. The home stations can be installed without a frame or combined with numerous Gira design lines: Standard 55, E2, E3, Event, Esprit and the F100 design line are available. Tip: A uniform design for the entire electrical installations contributes to a harmonious overall picture.

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