Stay comfortable inside – with the Gira KNX weather station.

Stay comfortable inside – with the Gira KNX weather station.

Let your Smart Home adjust its own systems and settings based on the current outdoor climate: the Gira KNX weather station monitors your blinds, heating, and even garden equipment.

A home that responds to the weather.

The Gira KNX weather station does much more than just measure the outside temperature: It also detects wind speed, sun intensity and precipitation to get your Smart Home ready for any weather. You can view the recorded data in a clear and user-friendly format via the Gira G1 control unit or your tablet.

However, the full potential of the weather station really begins to unfold when you connect it to other devices in your KNX system. Your Smart Home can learn to respond to different weather conditions – in the exact way you want it to.

Gira KNX Wetterstation Standard
The Gira KNX weather station records basic weather data including temperature, precipitation, wind and sun intensity.

In the shade: The Gira weather station automatically controls your blinds.

Once you’ve connected the weather station to your KNX system, you can set your limit values and define actions to be executed when these limit values are reached. For example, when you set your preferred maximum brightness value, the weather station will automatically lower your blinds – to exactly the height you specify – to stop the sun dazzling you. The practical teach-in function allows you to set the current measured value as your limit. In the future, your blinds will automatically lower as soon as the sun’s intensity exceeds your set limit.

Frau im Zimmer mit Schatten von Jalousie
With the Gira KNX weather station, your blinds automatically adjust to the position of the sun.

A helping hand: The Gira weather station keeps your lawn.

As well as controlling your blinds, the smart wireless weather station can also be used to control technology in other parts of your home. Why not connect it to your outdoor lighting and the IFTTT-capable devices in your KNX network to automate basic functions?

In the evening, your weather station could be configured not only to lower your blinds, but also to switch on your outdoor lighting. During the day, it could also take control of your smart lawnmower: Switching it on when the sun is shining and leaving it off if the sensors detect precipitation. Or connect your wireless weather station to your smart irrigation system to keep your lawn looking lush and green even in dry weather: Simply use IFTTT to create a rule, for example that your irrigation system should be switched on if three consecutive days pass without rain.

Garten mit Wiese und Bewässerung
If rainy days are few and far between in the summer months, the Gira KNX weather station can help you take care of your lawn via an IFTTT connection between the weather station and your smart irrigation system.

Your personal weather report: The Gira KNX weather station Plus provides in-depth weather data.

Want to analyse the weather down to the last detail? Then the Gira KNX weather station Plus is perfect for you. Equipped with a number of sensors, the Plus model provides comprehensive data on:

  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Precipitation
  • Shortwave variation
  • Temperature
  • Twilight
  • Relative humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Direction-dependent brightness

The smart wireless weather station can also use the measured values to calculate absolute humidity, the felt temperature and the comfort level – providing you with your own personal on-screen weather report so that you know exactly what awaits you in the great outdoors, whatever the season.

Gira KNX Wetterstation
The Gira KNX weather station Plus is packed with additional features for in-depth weather analysis.

The Gira KNX weather station tells your Smart Home what’s going on outside.

No-one can change the weather – but with the Gira KNX weather station, you can keep an eye on what’s going on outside whenever you need to. And the best thing of all? Whatever the weather, you can rest assured that the wireless weather station will let your Smart Home know how to respond. You don’t need to worry about your blinds, outdoor lighting or your garden – because you know that your Gira KNX weather station will ensure that your Smart Home will respond exactly how you want it to.

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