KNX Smart Home: clever networks for maximum convenience.

KNX Smart Home: clever networks for maximum convenience.

With KNX technology, your Smart Home will provide all the comfort you need – from automated lighting scenes to energy-efficient heating.

  • Smart home KNX technology enables you to achieve maximum smart living convenience and futureproof your home.
  • All of the functions of your home are centrally controlled.
  • From your smartphone, tablet or Gira operating device, you can access all your Gira KNX technology.

You want to turn your house into a futureproof Smart Home? Certainly not an unrealistic vision these days. In the morning, you’ll be woken gently by a pleasant light scene. The blinds are raised automatically, the heating in the bathroom is on, and you’re greeted with uplifting music in the kitchen, where your first coffee of the day is already brewing. In KNX Smart Homes, all of these features become part of your everyday life.

Gira X1: A small central control unit that’s big on performance.

Thinking of tomorrow today. Smart home KNX technology.

Intelligent solutions come with a wide range of benefits. Dimming the lights, positioning the blinds at just the right height, setting your heating to the perfect temperature: You can do all this and more with smart home KNX technology, from the comfort of your sofa or even when you’re away from home. Once all the wiring has been installed, you can add additional features at any time. From the very beginning of your building project, you’ll be equipped for all of the possibilities, manufacturers and products of the future.

Gira Home App Lichtsteuerung auf englisch
Gira Smart Home app – keep an eye on your home wherever you are.

KNX. Your smart home does the work for you.

With smart Gira KNX automation, you can make your home technology work for you – in a system that connects individual devices via an intelligent control network. Using the Gira HomeServer or Gira X1 and central operating elements such as the Gira G1 or smart pushbutton sensors on your wall, you can call up individual functions or pre-programmed light scenes for an evening in front of the television at the touch of a button. And the system works remotely, too: Via the app, you can access your technology from your smartphone or tablet.

Smart home KNX is a globally recognised standard for wired building installations, designed to provide simple expansion options to create a futureproof and flexible home technology solution. If you want to find out more about the benefits of KNX, contact a specialist advisor in your area.

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