Illuminated socket outlets with night lights.

Illuminated socket outlets with night lights.

Guiding lights by night: the Gira SCHUKO socket outlets with LED night lights. More safety and more comfort for your family.

  • Available in multiple designs.
  • Illuminates domestic “danger spots”.
  • Prevents accidental bumps and bruises.

Ever trodden on a piece of Lego you didn’t see? Or tripped over one of your child’s toys in the dark? Accidents like these are common – unless you’ve got illuminated socket outlets. SCHUKO socket outlets with fitted LED orientation lights are designed exactly for this purpose – to prevent you from stumbling over and bumping into things at night. They consist of a SCHUKO socket with an added, recessed LED light strip. Corridors, cellar stairways and other dark places are exactly what they were designed for. Being naturally multifunctional, they can serve as standard outlets during the day.

Gira Steckdose mit Orientierungsleuchte
Stylish and safe: The Gira SCHUKO socket outlet with LED light in the Gira Esprit frame.

How, and where, do I install my illuminated socket outlets?

Illuminated socket outlets are designed to emit a pleasant light that provides a comforting glow, not one that dazzles the onlooker. That’s why Gira SCHUKO socket with LED orientation lights are secured onto the wall, around 30 cm above the ground. That way, the light emits towards the ground and provides sufficient, minimal illumination at night. What’s even handier is that Gira’s illuminated sockets can be retrofitted. You just attach them to an existing socket.

Secured touch guards with illuminated socket outlets from Gira.

One of the top concerns to take into consideration is child safety. Children are naturally curious and homes are usually filled with many, many exciting things to discover. Unfortunately, many of these things are electrical in the nature. Illuminated sockets will be yet another potential danger within your child’s reach. That’s why Gira has taken precautions to secure the sockets’ touch guards. If your child tries to touch the live part of the outlet, the touch guard will be triggered and a small plate will close around the outlet holes. Your child can continue to explore in peace, and you can have your glowing sockets on the wall wherever you need them.

Gira Steckdose E2 reinweiß glänzend
The integrated touch guard in the Gira SCHUKO socket outlet protects your little ones from an electric shock.

Illuminated socket outlets in the Gira E2 frame.

Gira SCHUKO socket outlets with LED orientation lights come in a variety of designs. For minimalist homes with bright colour schemes, we recommend the Gira E2 frame in pure white glossy for your illuminated socket outlet. The E2 switch has a captivating look, boasting a clear design and a robust surface made from shatterproof plastic or high-quality stainless steel, making it very resistant. Should something break, you can choose a new design for your socket outlet from your specialist partner on request. Replacing the Gira E2 frame with another Gira frame is also very easy. For example, you could choose the Gira Event or Gira Esprit light switch range. Further ranges can be seen with the Gira Design Configurator. Here, you can choose from a wide selection of colours and materials.

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