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Light. Dark. Bluetooth light switch & lighting control from Gira

Light. Dark. Bluetooth light switch & lighting control from Gira

Smart lighting for your home with the System 3000. Control your lighting conveniently via app or switch.

  • The Gira System 3000 allows you to control your lights with Bluetooth.
  • Control your lighting conveniently via app.
  • Define set times to switch your lights on and off automatically.

You’ve had a tiring day and you’re looking forward to a relaxing evening on the sofa watching TV. All you need now is the perfect lighting. Previously, you would’ve had to vacate your comfy seat to switch lights on or off. But thanks to Bluetooth lighting control and the System 3000 Bluetooth top unit from Gira, that’s no longer the case. All you need to control your lighting from the sofa is a smartphone or tablet with the System 3000 Bluetooth app – letting you switch your lights with just a few taps. And best of all: The System 3000 can easily be installed in any property – new build or older.

A Bluetooth top unit is required to control your lighting via Bluetooth and the app. Source: Gira

More than just on and off. Bluetooth lighting control via switch or app.

Alongside the Bluetooth top unit, the System 3000 is comprised of four additional operating top units. Depending on whether you want to switch off or dim the lights, simply choose an operating top unit with arrow symbols; the unit is also available with a memory function. For automatic, motion-dependent lighting control, the range also includes a practical operating top unit with motion detector. This can also be configured and controlled via Bluetooth using the System 3000 Gira app.

Home when away. With Gira motion detectors and the System 3000 Bluetooth app.

Motion detectors are more than just a helpful addition to your living area – they can also help to deter potential intruders. Depending on how you program the system, any uninvited guests who visit your property while you’re away will trigger the motion detectors, switching on all of the living room lights. In this situation, the best course of action for any intruder is to retreat.

The System 3000 Gira app also lets you program your lights to come on at chosen times – allowing you to simulate your presence, putting off potential intruders. This function is ideal when you’re away on a business trip or holiday. Basically, it makes your home look “lived in” while you’re gone. Simply use the System 3000 Bluetooth app on your smartphone or tablet to set when the lights should come on. The timings can be applied for your entire absence or set to vary each day.

Simple operation. A host of options.

The clear, user-friendly guidance in the System 3000 Bluetooth app will help you find all the settings you need for your lighting and motion detectors. You can also control each device individually: For example, you can set your System 3000 Komfort Bluetooth motion detector to activate dimmed lighting in the hallway from 10.00 pm during your absence, while simultaneously turning off the living room lights. And when you get back, you can use the smart Gira System 3000 to switch all of the lighting back on as soon as you set foot through the door. There are countless applications for Gira Bluetooth lighting control – from making your home look lived in while you’re away to simply enhancing your everyday comfort and convenience. If you have any questions on your options, your local specialist partner will be happy to help.

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