Your house will be empty for a couple of days because you're going on holiday or a business trip? No reason to worry: some simple precautions, along with smart technology, will help you prevent burglaries. Here’s a checklist of six home security tips for the times when you’re away.

Whether you leave your house for two hours or several weeks – any absence offers ample opportunity for burglars to break in. Did you know that there were more than 400,000 domestic burglaries reported to the police in England and Wales between 2019 and 2020 alone?

That doesn’t mean that you have to stay home at all times, of course. But you should take measures to ensure that your home remains protected, even when you’re not physically present. All you need to reliably prevent burglaries is a Smart Home security system – along with some common-sense provisions.

Home security tip no. 1: don’t make it easy for intruders

  • Whenever you leave your house, close all your windows and lock the front door. Hiding a spare key at the entrance may be convenient, but it could also enable unwanted visitors to let themselves in. Hence, we recommend keeping all of your keys in a safe spot.

  • Entry aids such as bins, garden furniture, or ladders should also be locked away – otherwise, they might serve as a convenient gateway to your first floor. By installing mechanical safety devices on your window and door frames, you can prevent burglars from prying them open. Likewise, we recommend putting up a solid covering for your cellar wells.

Home security tip no. 2: don’t let anyone know that you’re away

  • Avoid leaving clear signs that point to your absence. Nothing says “Nobody’s home!“ like a mailbox filled to the brim. While on holiday, you could either pause your newspaper subscriptions or have them delivered to another address. In addition, ask a neighbour to empty your mailbox on a regular basis.

  • Of course, it’s tempting to share your excitement about an upcoming trip on social media. But who knows who will read your posts, apart from your friends and family? Try to keep a low profile when it comes to information about your private life – whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or the voicemail on your phone.

  • Hiring someone who looks after your garden also helps to prevent burglary. Unkempt lawns are a clear indicator that the home owners haven’t been around to cut grass and water the plants.

Home security tip no. 3: simulate your presence for burglary protection

  • Rather than hiding the fact that you’re away, you can take it one step further and pretend you’re still home. Many intruders observe their property of choice for a longer period before taking action. In most cases, they want to avoid any personal encounters during their endeavour. As soon as they suspect that somebody’s home, the operation will be called off.

  • Smart lighting and blind control allows you to prevent burglaries by simulating everyday activities in unoccupied residences. For instance, Gira System 3000 has an integrated timer to set automatic schedules for each day. Using the astro function, you may also adjust your lighting and blinds according to the course of the sun. Your household will thus seem completely normal from the outside: regular movements throughout the day, even though the house is in fact empty for weeks on end.

Home security tip no. 4: burglar-proof your home with keyless access

  • We’ve already mentioned that you should not leave spare keys at some (more or less) hidden spot outside of your house. But what if you forget your keys on the kitchen table and can’t get in once you come back? Gira Keyless In offers a simple solution to avoid these kind of mishaps and prevent burglaries at the same time. The smart device will make sure that only you and welcome guests have access to your house – no keys needed.


  • With Gira Keyless In, you have two options to open the door: either via personal code or via fingerprint. All it takes is a slight touch – the system will then conform your demand with an audio signal. In case anyone tries to remove the digital keypad by force, an alarm sound will be triggered immediately.

Home security tip no. 5: how to deter burglars for good

  • Did you know? Experts strongly discourage the use of mock cameras to prevent burglary. Professional, experienced criminals will easily notice the difference and might even feel more inclined to attempt a break-in: after all, now they can rest assured that they won’t be caught by any real cameras. Burglars want to finish their deed as quickly and discreetly as possible. Hence, they will avoid stepping into the light at all costs.


  • This is where the Gira motion detector Cube comes in handy: it only reacts to thermal movement, ensuring that your outdoor lights won’t be switched on because of rustling leaves or small animals in the bushes. Unwanted guests, however, will find themselves in the spotlight as soon as they set foot on your pathway. In all likelihood, they will then take off promptly to seek protection in the dark.

Gira motion detector Cube

Thanks to smart sensors, the Gira motion detector Cube turns on your outdoor lights automatically. Source: Gira

Admittedly, there’s no guarantee for anything in life – including your own house. But as the saying goes: better safe than sorry. With a few home-security precautions, you won't have to worry as much while on holiday.

Just make sure that everything’s in place before you leave – and then smart devices will keep a close watch on your property.