Interior design invites us to let our creativity run wild and experiment with different styles. So why not do the same when it comes to exterior design? With outdoor wallpaper, you can give your house a one-of-a-kind look that will surely turn heads.

Your home should be the place where you feel most comfortable – and where you can express your own unique style. As the latest wallpaper trends show, there are many ways to upgrade indoor spaces with visual highlights. But did you know that the same goes for outdoor areas as well? We had a look at some weatherproof options that will transform any facade into an eye-catcher.

Taking wallpaper outside: how does it work?

Of course, regular wallpaper wouldn’t last long in the open air. Exposed to humidity and other environmental impacts, it would soon wither and peel off. Manufacturers therefore had to come up with new ideas to design waterproof outdoor wallpaper: they rely on special materials that remain resistant against adverse weather conditions, dirt particles, and gas emissions. These materials usually consist of a robust glass fibre structure combined with a solid resin coating.

Outdoor Tapete Streifen Instabilelab Hauseingang
Bold stripes and colours turn this entrance into a visual highlight. Source: Instabilelab

Outdoor wall murals for any style and background

By and large, you’ve got an endless variety of colours and motives to choose from. There’s a fitting solution for virtually any surface – including concrete walls and thermal insulation seals. Another benefit: due to their technical properties, outdoor wallpapers can further strengthen the masonry’s stability.  


Tip: Less is more – even if you want to make a bold statement. We recommend remodelling only a designated section of your facade. Otherwise, the overall appearance can quickly feel overwhelming.  

Outdoor Tapete Blumen Instabilelab Haus Außenansicht
With its artistic floral pattern, this wallpaper will definitely not go unnoticed. Source: Instabilelab

Outdoor wallpaper from Acte Deco: relaxing under palm trees

French label Acte Deco has put its own unique spin on the novel trend. Thanks to special substrate materials and adhesive coating, their outside wall murals can be attached onto all types of untreated subsurface – e.g. plaster, brick, or stucco.  

The Palm Trees design, for example, brings the ultimate holiday feeling into your backyard or patio. Similarly, the Tropical Outdoor wallpaper flaunts floral patterns reminiscent of a wild jungle. All available variants are resistant against UV, high temperatures, discoloration, humidity, and even acid.

Outdoor Tapete Blätter Acte-Deco
Outdoor Tapete Palmen Acte-Deco Terrasse

Outdoor wallpaper with tropical motifs makes your backyard feel like holiday retreat. Source: Acte Deco

Outdoor wallpaper from Instabilelab: holistic concepts for unique looks

If you like a touch of extravagance, you will love the collections from Instabilelab. The Italian manufacturer offers all kinds of wallpaper for outdoor use – including the Rose Garden design, which is just as romantic and colourful as its name suggests. Another striking example: the Labyrinth stuns with bold geometrical patterns in black and white, inspired by antique ornaments.   

The expert team at Instabilelab furnishes entire homes based on the Custom-Me concept. Each furniture piece and accessory within their product catalogue can be customised to match your indoor – and outdoor – wallpaper. This allows you to create a perfectly synchronised look – from the house facade down to curtains and coffee tables.  

Outdoor Tapete Pflanzen Instabilelab Außenpatio
With Custom-Me, you can colour-coordinate your whole interior down to the last detail. Source: Instabilelab

Outdoor wallpaper from Wall&deco: anything but ordinary

The collections of Wall&decò, an Italian label specialising in wall murals for exterior and interior spaces, revolve around geometrical shapes and abstract patterns. Their colour schemes range from subtle pastel tones to bold shades of blue, yellow, or pink, among others. You’ll find all sorts of fanciful motifs inspired by nature and wildlife. The outdoor wallpaper Flo, for instance, clads an entire facade in oversized bouquets of flowers set against a grey background. A variant called Frush, on the other hand, will turn your house into an optical illusion: grey drawings of leafy branches and twigs look just like the shadow cast by an adjacent tree.

Modern design meets smart tech: ideas for outdoor areas

In today’s homes, form is just as important as function. Apart from a visually pleasing concept, you also need the right technical equipment to feel comfortable all around. That’s where smart devices come into play: the Gira motion detector Cube, for example, reacts to both ambient brightness and thermal movement. Your lighting will thus switch on automatically – either to give you and your guests a warm welcome or to deter unwanted intruders. At the same time, the Cube’s unique shape makes for an eye-catching highlight on the facade.

Another idea to complement your outdoor wallpaper: the Gira light and energy profile. As a two-in-one solution, it illuminates your pathways at night and powers electric gardening tools during the day. If you need additional socket outlets for your outdoor living space, the Gira TX_44 design line offers weatherproof variants with water-protected frames and folding lids.

Gira Licht- und Energiesäule
The Gira light and energy profile illuminates pathways at night and serves as a source of power during the day. Source: Gira
B2C Website Gira TX_44 Lösungen für Außen Schalterprogramm
Water-protected and weatherproof: Gira TX_44 socket outlets are designed specifically for outdoor use. Source: Gira

At the entrance, an elegant door intercom such as the Gira System 106 certainly won’t fail to impress visitors. Its minimalist design (either surface- or flush-mounted) will blend in neatly with plain facades or colourful outdoor wallpaper. You can even connect the installation to your Smart Home – and then control your entire door communication remotely via app.