Outdoor Interior Möbel Mistal Kollektion
After another long winter, you probably can’t wait to leave the house and soak up the sunshine. But what about the comfortable perks you only get to enjoy inside? No worries: with the right furniture and accessories, outdoor living spaces can feel just as cosy.

Surely, spending time in the open air is not a new trend – but contemporary designers have come up with new twists to make that time worthwhile. Elegant furniture, smart lighting installations, weatherproof carpets: there are many ways in which you can upgrade an outdoor living space. If you still need inspiration for the upcoming season, we’ve got seven ideas to transform even the smallest patio.

1. Mistral for Gloster: outdoor lounge furniture with a hint of luxury

Created by Danish designer Henrik Pedersen for the brand Gloster, the Mistral collection invites you relax amidst an abundance of soft upholstery and cushions.

Its trademark feature: a high, woven backrest which is either placed at one corner or stretches over the entire length of one side. With polished teakwood and a weatherproof aluminium frame, each handmade piece adds a luxurious feel to outdoor living spaces.

The collection includes a day bed, a lounge chair, an ottoman, and a coffee table – which all blend in harmoniously with their surroundings, thanks to rounded shapes and neutral colours.

2. Orlando for Bolia: minimalist sofa for outdoor living rooms

Danish design duo Glismand & Ruediger have reinterpreted their own sofa classic Orlando for the Scandinavian label Bolia. The new version is just as comfortable as the indoor original and suitable for outdoor lounge settings. Supported by a robust aluminium pedestal, the water-repellent upholstery dries up in a matter of hours – so you won’t have to worry about sudden rain showers disrupting your garden party. The square-shaped modules have uniform sizes and can be freely combined to fit your personal needs. It’s even possible to use them as a tabletop!

3. Fern for Gloster: outdoor lounge chairs inspired by nature

Back to the roots – that was the approach German designer Sebastian Herkner took for the Fern collection. As its name suggests, he drew inspiration from the filigree structure of fern leaves. A polished teakwood frame, along with a rounded aluminium backrest, underscores the natural appeal. Voluminous cushions made from handwoven fabric instantly make us dream of slow, sunny afternoons. You can choose from a range of more than 50 different textiles to customise the set-up for your own outdoor living space. Depending on how many people you’d like to accommodate, there are one- and two-seater models with either high or low backs.

4. Knot Battery: outdoor living idea for cosy summer nights

Coarse natural fibres meet smooth, hand-blown glass: with this unusual mix of materials, the Knot Battery creates a romantic ambience at dusk or night time. Italian design duo Chiaramonte Marin have developed an outdoor variant of the popular pendent luminaire for the brand Brokis. Its LEDs are subtly integrated at the bottom and can be charged through a magnetic connector. Knot pendent lights meet the IP 44 protection standard, meaning they remain unaffected by splashes of water or small dirt particles – a must for outdoor living spaces. Their light will keep burning for up to six hours.  

5. Silhouette: outdoor carpets for that extra bit of comfort

If you love to incorporate statement pieces into your interior, why not do the same on the terrace or balcony? Spanish designer Jaime Hayon has come up with a unique idea to make outdoor living spaces even more comfortable: the Silhouette seems more like a painting than a rug, flaunting an abstract drawing with playful dashes of colour. According to the website of Spanish label Nanimarquina, “the illustration defines the silhouettes of several imaginary characters that intertwine and coexist in a beautiful composition”. In other words: your eyes will be just as delighted as your bare feet! Developed with 100 % recycled PET fibre, the Silhouette scores high in terms of sustainability as well.

6. Gira light and energy profile: safe and stylish outdoor lighting

In the dark, poorly lit pathways can quickly turn into a tripping hazard – even on your own property. That’s where the Gira light and energy profile comes in handy: illuminating outdoor living spaces, it helps you find your way in the dark. It also serves as a source of power for your lawn mower and other electrical gardening tools during the day. Two convenient functions, wrapped in modern-minimalist design.

7. Friends of Hue: switching on the outdoor lounge vibe

Got your arrangement of furniture and accessories ready? Then it’s time for the final step: taking your Smart Home outside. In collaboration with Senic, a tech company based in Berlin, Gira has developed a special Friends of Hue switch. It is not only water-protected according to IP44 standards, but also works without cabling or batteries – meaning you can place it anywhere in outdoor living spaces. At the push of a button, you can control up to 50 Philips Hue lights at once. The corresponding app allows you to configure individual settings for brightness, light colour, and entire scenes.