Einrichtung Schwarz matt
If you furnish your home in matt black, you probably like an elegant and uncluttered look – but you also have to be a bold kind of person. From designer furniture and home accessories to switches in matt black, we present the must-haves for all fans of this non-colour.

No-one who is interested in interior design can afford to ignore black matt. This light-absorbing non-colour dazzles in any environment and refines the ambience of all sorts of different interior styles, whether in the living room, kitchen or bathroom. Discover your options here. 

Einrichtung Schwarz matt
The diversity of the black furnishing world. Sources: Boconcept, Tubes/MaxZambelli, Aesthek, iStock, Gira

Designing your living room in matt black: Elegant yet homely

Are you after a touch of homeliness in your living room as well as elegance? You can achieve this with a combination of striking black details, flowing forms and soft fabrics. 

Einrichtung Schwarz matt
Boconcept's Imola armchair is created to add coziness to an elegant setting in a stylish way. Source: Boconcept
Einrichtung Schwarz matt
Art or piece of furniture? This side table is a real eye-catcher. Source: Aesthek

From shower walls to heaters: Black matt interior design ideas for bathrooms

Dark colours are gaining ground in the bathroom, too. From washbasins and fittings to heaters, there are no limits to your creativity. If you are daring, you can even paint the walls black and opt for dark, natural stone tiles.  

Einrichtung Schwarz matt
Dark colors are also on the rise in the bathroom and give it timeless elegance. Source: iStock

Stylish and functional: Outfitting the kitchen in black matt

Black, anthracite and grey have also become a much-loved colour scheme in kitchens this year. Dark countertops made of marble, granite or concrete have been popular for some time. Now this fashionable colour is also taking over panels, built-in appliances, fittings and sinks.  

  • For a hint of luxury, why not combine dark elements with metallic details in the form of stainless steel fittings like Tara from Dornbracht

  • If, on the other hand, you prefer something more friendly and homely, mellow earth tones and natural materials create a visual counterpoint. 

  • For fans of black kitchens, Reform has a new kitchen design created in collaboration with renowned architect Jean Nouvel. The result is an extravagant monochrome kitchen design in reflective materials. 

Interior schwarz
Preparing food is directly more fun when the kitchen has an elegant design. Quelle: Reform

Home accessories: Black on black

Even familiar design classics are increasingly being given a makeover in black, enhancing living spaces twice over.  

  • One of these is the Artichoke pendant lamp by Poul Henningsen. With a shimmering black surface, the lamp creates an extraordinary lighting ambience in the living room.  

  • There is also now a black matt lacquered version available from String Furniture, which really is a must for lovers of the colour black.  

Increasingly popular: Socket outlets and switches in black matt

In black, light switches and socket outlets also form stylish focal points on your walls:  

  • The Gira Studio design line even combines angular and round components.   

  • If you prefer classic shapes, you’ll find a timeless alternative in the Gira E2 design original in black matt.  

  • If you’re looking for smart operating elements in black, the new Gira pushbutton sensor 4 that allows you to control up to eight functions is a good choice for you. 

Both design lines offer an incredibly versatile range of configuration options thanks to Gira System 55. This modular switch concept allows you to combine different inserts with more than 300 individual functions in a uniform frame and gives you the flexibility to exploit the full diversity offered by intelligent building technology.  

In living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, black as a non-colour directs the focus on form and functionality. This is how black furniture and interior design ideas can combine minimalist sophistication with timeless class.