Offenes Wohnzimmer mit Kamin und hellen Möbeln.
How does one create cosiness in a minimalist setting? With a keen eye for detail! Let's step into Jana's dream home.

With a passion for interior design, Jana has made a name for herself as @nordiccalm on Instagram. Her journey began in 2014 when she and her husband bought their first home. Their home is a harmonious blend of minimalism, comfort and a welcoming atmosphere.

Her love of decorating is not just a hobby, but an integral part of her life. When she's not decorating, she channels her energy on the tennis court.

Gira Magazine: Hello Jana, as an interior blogger, you are passionate about the things that surround you at home. How did you discover this passion?

Jana: After my apprenticeship, I started studying business administration. We had a 120 square metre flat with a small garden at that time. I was sitting in the office, distracted from my studies when I stumbled upon an online platform where people could post photos of their living spaces. That was my first encounter with design classics and this passion for interior design which led me to delve deeper into the subject. Now I love looking for inspiration, redecorating and presenting everything beautifully.

Nordiccalm Homestory E2 Schalter Esszimmer
Minimalist in white and wood with lovely black accents — a cosy flat that radiates harmony and relaxation. Source: @nordiccalm
Nordiccalm Homestory e2 Schalter Flur Spiegel
Thanks to its clear design, the Gira E2 design line fits seamlessly into Jana's minimalist home. Source: @nordiccalm

Gira Magazine: Looking at your Instagram account, one immediately notices that almost all your furniture is white and that your entire decor is very light-coloured. Why do you choose this style?

Jana: I need absolute peace and quiet at home. I can't surround myself with colour and love it when things are as minimalist as possible. But it also has to be cosy, which is why we selected a wooden floor for our new house. For me, the most beautiful combination will always be white, wood and small black details.

Gira Magazine: Your home looks clean and tidy. It's clear that you've put a lot of thought into the overall concept. Which room is your absolute favourite and why?

Jana: My absolute favourite is our open-plan kitchen, dining and living area. We spent a long time meticulously planning the layout because we wanted it to be as perfect as possible. Highlights include the steps from the dining area to the living area and the high ceilings. Our large loft door, which we've had for some time now, completes the look.

Nordicalm Homestory E2 Schalter Wohnzimmer header
A flickering fireplace adds warmth and cosiness to Jana's minimalist living room. Source: @nordiccalm

Gira Magazine: You also left nothing to chance when it came to the technical details and opted for Gira products. Which solutions can be found in your house, and what do you particularly like about them?

Jana: We chose the Gira System 3000 for maximum flexibility. We love being able to control our blinds, shutters, and lights from bed. Additionally, the door intercom and home stations make our daily life easier. Sockets with USB ports and motion detectors complete the setup.

A large mirror for visual expanse and brightness — a practical, aesthetic element that gives the room a friendly glow and skilfully reflects the light. Source: @nordiccalm

Gira Magazine: Are there any other Gira products you'd like to have, and if so, why?

Jana: We're fully equipped inside the house, but we still need a few technical highlights for the outside. But that will come in due course.

Gira Magazine: Now for a question that is of great interest to all mums and dads: How do you manage to have such a tidy home with children?

Jana: I can't deal with clutter at all, and our place has always been very tidy. Of course, things have changed a bit with the children, but I still make sure that everyone puts their things away as soon as possible. But sometimes I would like to be more relaxed about it.

Gira Magazine: New year, new opportunities. What home and interior project are you planning for 2024?

Jana: In 2024, we're tackling the exterior, which will be a huge project. I'm excited but also a bit apprehensive. After the construction phase, it will again be a challenge.

Gira Magazine: Dear Jana, thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. We wish you all the best for your new projects.