Modern interior doors are more than just a way to close off rooms

Interior doors are primarily used to separate rooms from each other and to close them off. However, as they also connect rooms, the doors’ features should suit the respective spaces that they are used in. When it comes to modern interior doors that connect frequently used rooms such as living rooms and kitchens, thermal insulation is also a key factor in addition to appearance. 

Bathroom doors should be fully sealed so they are protected from the high levels of moisture. Doors to bedrooms and children’s bedrooms will benefit from good sound insulation. 

Along with their functional properties, modern interior doors are also becoming increasingly important for the design of living areas. When doing work or renovations on the interior, you can choose between a wide range of models that differ not only in design, material, and look and feel, but also in terms of their everyday use. 

Black interior door with Gira E2 design line in matt black
The light grey door perfectly harmonises with the Gira E2 design line in grey matt. Source: Grauthoff
Light grey interior door with Gira E2 design line in matt grey
The dark interior door forms a stark yet elegant contrast to the light wall colour. Source: Grauthoff

A classic hinged door or a space-saving sliding door?

Classic hinged doors are the most popular ones for living rooms. They are available as smooth interior doors or flush framed doors, and in many different materials, colours and surfaces. 

Smaller living rooms and more compact spaces lend themselves to sliding doors. Unlike hinged doors, no space needs to be kept clear for them to open into, which saves a lot of room. Because sliding doors aren’t really a common feature, they can become real eye-catchers when modern designs are used. 

Modern interior doors with many different looks

When it comes to the materials used for modern interior doors, the most important distinction is the one between solid wood doors and timber composite doors. The advantage of solid wood ones: it has natural thermal and sound insulation. 

Conversely, solid wood doors do tend to warp more easily than their timber composite counterparts when fluctuations in temperature occur. Full glass doors or modern interior doors with a glazed panel are a particularly elegant and practical option, allowing a space to be closed off while still connecting rooms. They also let in a lot of daylight. 

Modern interior doors
Interior doors made of glass make any room feel larger and lighter. Source: iStock

The CPL door as an alternative to wood and glass

Modern interior doors made of what is referred to as CPL (continuous pressure laminate) are becoming more and more popular. They are made of a multi-layered laminate surface and are considered particularly hardwearing, scratch resistant and easy to clean. The high level of robustness makes CPL doors ideal for heavily frequented living areas or intensive use in everyday family life with children and pets. What’s more, printed decorative paper in the CPL surface layer can be produced with just about any design, and even imitate the authentic look of natural materials such as wood. 

Modern interior doors provide all sorts of design options

White doors are a classic feature in interior design, as their neutral colour scheme can blend into any interior and harmonise with any flooring as well. If the design you’re aiming for isn’t a particularly minimalist and sleek one, then dark door handles on light-coloured interior doors really catch the eye. The black matt fittings and door handles from Hewi create, for example, a striking contrast to uniformly white walls and doors. The black matt Ellisse handles made by Grauthoff also offer design enthusiasts additional creative freedom. The rosette is particularly slender, which makes it look very elegant. In addition, the Gira E2 light switch in matt black rounds off the high-contrast overall impression.  

Modern interior doors
Matt black door handles on light-coloured doors provide an elegant contrast and harmonise perfectly with the Gira E2 design line. Source: HEWI

Whichever interior doors you choose: Certain is that they are far more than a simple room divider, they can give a living space a whole new ambience.

Gira KNX system

Imagine living in a house that knows your needs and habits inside and out. That turns the lighting on and off, regulates indoor temperatures, and takes over tedious chores – all by itself. The Gira KNX system was designed to offer exactly this kind of comfort: a variety of devices and features accommodating your daily routines in perfect sync.

Gira Tastsensor 4, Glas Schwarz im Flur

Gira pushbutton sensor 4

The Gira pushbutton sensor 4 proves that even switches can be extremely versatile. Smart technology hidden behind a sleek surface allows you to operate different devices and functions in your KNX system. The Gira product range includes sets of two, four, or eight buttons that can be assiged individually. Now available in new, high-quality materials: choose between stainless-steel coated bronze (PVD) and lacquered aluminium in pure white glossy or pure white matt, as well as anthracite, black matt, and grey matt.

Gira System 3000 Jalousie Schaltuhr Bluetooth Lichtsteuerung mit E2 Designlinie

Gira System 3000

On. Off. Bright. Dark. Warm. Cold. Gira System 3000 enables you to adjust your lights, blinds, and room temperature to accommodate your daily routines. Manually via switch, automatically based on pre-set schedules, or remotely via app.

Pushbutton sensor 4 system 55 Black matt 3fach

Gira pushbutton sensor 4 System 55

The new Gira pushbutton sensor 4 System 55 allows you to control your KNX Smart Home intuitively. As a component of the modular Gira System 55, this multifunctional switch offers you even more options for configuring the technology used for your equipment, along with its appearance – to suit your preferences.