Homestory Jennifer Paro
Natural tones, plants and smart technology: the attention to detail is immediately apparent in this period apartment in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Enter a home full of charm and comfort.

Jennifer Paro is 31 years old and lives with her husband Miguel and her son in a stylishly furnished period apartment in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Besides her enthusiasm for photography, she studies psychology and regularly presents stylish insights from her home to the Instagram community on her channel Jennifer.Paro. We wanted to get to know Jennifer better and asked her for an interview.  

Homestory Jennifer Paro
Old building charm paired with smart technology - Jennifer Paro brings harmony to the different styles. Source: Jennifer Paro

G-Pulse editorial team: Hi Jennifer! As an interior design blogger, you are passionate about the things that surround you at home. How did you develop this keen interest? 

Jennifer: It all started in 2016 when Miguel and I shared our first flat. I posted a photo from our kitchen on Instagram and suddenly found that there were people other than my friends and family who were interested in my photos. That laid the foundation for my channel. I’d always liked taking photos, and then I discovered the fun of interior design.  

G-Pulse editorial team: Checking out your Instagram channel, it’s clear that you prefer light colours – and natural materials and accessories made of blond wood to complement them. Why did you opt for this particular look for your home?  

Homestory Jennifer Paro
The coffee table is a real eye-catcher and automatically brings calm to the living room. Source: Jennifer Paro
Homestory Jennifer Paro
The combination of small and large pictures frame the bright dining area. Source: Jennifer Paro

Jennifer: I’ve already tried out a few interior design styles. My first student flat was more ‘shabby chic’ in terms of style: lots of pink and vintage furniture. Over the years, my current interior design style has evolved from there. I love the mix of natural tones and plants and find that it enhances the charm of this historic building. 

G-Pulse editorial team: Your apartment is decorated with great attention to detail. Which room is your absolute favourite and why?  

A touch of green: plants make the kitchen feel much cosier. Source: Jennifer Paro

Jennifer: If you were to ask me which room I spend the most time in, it would definitely be the kids’ room. But my favourite room is the kitchen. I love the openness, the view of the terrace, the mix of plants, wood and white – and the fact that there’s coffee in here.

G-Pulse editorial team: Now for a question that is of burning interest to all mothers and fathers: how do you manage to have such a tidy home with kids? 

Jennifer: Get yourself a ‘Miguel’, like me! My husband is a total neat freak and is constantly cleaning up after me and my son. His top tip is to have a fixed place for everything and never go from room to room empty-handed. 

G-Pulse editorial team: You also left nothing to chance when it comes to the technical details, and chose Gira. Which solutions did you install in your home and why? 

Jennifer: Since we live in a rented apartment, it was important that we didn’t need to make any structural changes. That’s why we opted for the Gira System 3000. So far, we’ve installed the smart blind switches, which make my life so much easier. I was often too lazy to lower all nine blinds in the evening, which meant that the individual rooms cooled down more than they should have. Now all the blinds go down in the evening and up again in the morning automatically.

G-Pulse editorial team: Are there any Gira products that you would still like to have or are intending to buy, and if so, why? 

Jennifer: I’m really interested in the smart light control and could well imagine installing it. Our light in the hallway is very bright, which is great during the day, but towards evening, it would be good to dim it – and if the whole thing happens automatically, all the better! 

G-Pulse editorial team: New year, new opportunities: what home decorating project do you have lined up for 2023? 

Jennifer: I’m really looking forward to summer, when we’ll definitely be tackling our garden. I’ll be documenting that on Instagram, of course. Feel free to check it out if you like. Thanks for the good questions and to Gira for being such a great partner.  

G-Pulse editorial team: We can only return the compliment. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Jennifer!