Don’t we all dream of living at a luxurious Mediterranean villa from time to time? For the owners of Casa Sa Tuna, that dream has become reality: their holiday home on the Spanish coastline was completely renovated and modernised with smart technology.

On the Costa Brava in Spain, you’ll get to enjoy no less than 2,500 hours of sunshine per year. (By comparison, the average amount in London maxes out at only 1,400 hours.) The region is known for its bright and clear air, which inspired the works of famous artists such as Miró and Picasso.

No wonder that the remodelling of a summer residence near Sa Tuna Bay had one major goal: open up the rooms and let in as much light as possible.

Casa Sa Tuna
Casa Sa Tuna: a mediterranean villa with all the perks of modern living comfort. Source: The Room Studio
Casa Sa Tuna
Bienvenidos a la Casa Sa Tuna! The light-flooded entrance area gives guests a warm welcome. Source: The Room Studio

The vision: plenty of space to relax and recharge

Named after a picturesque cove nearby, the Casa Sa Tuna stands at the end of a hilly driveway framed by pine trees. Through a spacious outdoor stairway, you can access the green roof terrace with lots of plants and a cosy lounge suite. The building extends across two floors on a relatively narrow property.

While the upper floor hosts an open kitchen and dining area, bedrooms and baths are situated at ground level.

With curved lines and organic shapes, the design team from The Room Studio in Barcelona turned the slim building into a generous, airy living space. A huge glass facade makes the rooms feel even larger – not to mention the splendid views onto the adjacent bay.

Casa Sa Tuna
With bold patterns and eye-catching details, the living room almost seems like a work of art. Source: The Room Studio
Casa Sa Tuna
A carefully crafted colour scheme sets the mood for a feel-good summer holiday. Source: The Room Studio

Many styles, one concept: exclusive design for everyday comfort

When it came to furnishing and decorating, the interior designers followed an eclectic approach. They used different styles and epochs as a source of inspiration to create a dynamic, yet harmonious ambience. Each room at the Casa Sa Tuna thus has its very own identity.

Besides Mediterranean and Scandinavian elements, there are several decorative pieces with a classical modern appeal. In the guest bathroom, visitors can marvel at wallpaper that flaunts bold psychedelic patterns. In the living area, a futuristic fireplace and cosy lounge chairs invite you to lean back and relax.

Casa Sa Tuna
Each room at Casa Sa Tuna has its own signature style. Source: The Room Studio
Casa Sa Tuna
The open dining and living area is a dynamic mix of artistic and natural elements. Source: The Room Studio

Except for the bathrooms, the entire house is furnished with white linoleum flooring. The electrical installation has an equally minimalist appeal.

Gira E2 switches and socket outlets add a sense of timeless continuity to the otherwise colourful interior.

Casa Sa Tuna
Minimalist and elegant: the bathrooms are rather restrained in contrast to the living area. Source: The Room Studio
Casa Sa Tuna
Earthy colours and wooden furnitre create a cosy ambience in the bedroom. Source: The Room Studio

Picturesque and future-proof: smart living comfort on the Costa Brava

While the visual appearance of Casa Sa Tuna takes us back to past decades, the building’s technology is fully up-to-date. With the Gira G1, residents can control a multitude of smart functions.

This includes activating customised light scenarios and regulating indoor temperatures as well as configuring automated time schedules for the blinds. An integrated weather forecast will notify the system if there’s rain or strong wind on the horizon.

Another convenient feature: Gira USB power supply in the bedrooms. Mounted onto the wall just like a regular socket outlet, they make it easy to charge mobile devices overnight. Thanks to a clever room concept and creative interior design, the Casa Sa Tuna now shines in a whole new light – both literally and figuratively.

The bright, spacious atmosphere inside is complemented by that allow for a maximum degree of comfort.

Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer at such an idyllic location? We are definitely impressed by this makeover.

Casa Sa Tuna
With the Gira radio mounted on the wall, residents can wake up to their favourite music. Source: The Room Studio
Casa Sa Tuna
Each bedroom is individually designed and colour-coordinated down to the last detail. Source: The Room Studio