Bathrooms are becoming even more cosy, smart and sustainable and their appeal as a personal sanctuary is growing. Which bathroom styles are contemporary right now, and what will be hip in 2023? We have answers and ideas to inspire you.

Bathrooms are evolving from purely functional spaces into personal oases of relaxation in the comfort of your own home. With modern technology and new design ideas, you can transform your bathroom into a stylish wellness space. These bathroom trends for 2023 are well worth a look. 

Bathroom trends 2023
Cosy, smart, sustainable: discover the bathroom trends for 2023. Source: istock

1. Natural chic meets boho style

A general mood shift towards interiors in harmony with nature hasn't bypassed this year’s bathrooms – which is why light or dark solid wood furniture is virtually a must-have here. The more we are surrounded by natural colours and materials, the closer we feel to nature.  

An important point when choosing wooden furniture is to make sure that it is suitable for rooms prone to moisture. Robust woods such as oak, walnut and pine harmonise perfectly with the boho style, which is another bathroom trend for 2023. Macramé plant hangers, plush bath mats, and baskets made of sea grass or wicker combine homely cosiness with natural chic in the bathroom. 

The light-coloured solid wood furniture gives your bathroom a natural yet elegant look. Source: iStock

2. Deep relaxation in a green bathroom

Breathe in deep and relax – and feel like you’re on a walk in the woods. The colour green, with its variety of hues and shades, brings a heightened ambience of wellbeing to the bathroom. From mint and olive to elegant emerald, green has a soothing quality and inherently helps promote a sense of deep relaxation. If you are not planning any major renovation work, this is one bathroom trend you can embrace in 2023 with just a few minor tweaks, as indoor plants and green textiles such as towels and bath mats also create a relaxing effect. On the wall, switches and socket outlets from the Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood design line round off the natural décor. 

3. Black adds elegant accents

For decades, bathrooms were dominated by glossy white sanitary ceramics. For some time now, however, a trend in the opposite direction has been emerging. The new maxim is: black not white, and matt not glossy. 

Whether on the walls or the floor, as paintwork for furniture, or a finish for the bathtub, washbasin or fittings, black makes a statement with elegant accents and lends luxurious charm to modern bathrooms. Combined with wooden furniture and accessories plus warm earthy tones, it’s a great option for a stylish and comfortable bathroom. On the wall, the Gira E2 switch range in black echoes this year’s bathroom trend.  

4. Sustainability dominates bathroom trends for 2023

Sustainability is also an ongoing theme in bathroom trends. Recyclable materials, furniture produced with respect for resources, and sturdy, durable products are turning bathrooms into eco-friendly wellness oases. Natural building materials that are not sensitive to water, such as lime plaster, granite and marble, frame the natural ambience.  

Finnish interior and design brand Woodio brings together innovative materials and Nordic design for this trend. With its bio-material for bathtubs and basins developed as a solid wood composite, the company offers a sustainable alternative to ceramic and stone products.  

5. Bathrooms are becoming smart – and saving energy

When we ask ourselves how to implement sustainability in the bathroom, modern Smart Home technology comes into its own. Digital control systems can help save water and energy, while automation functions simplify their operation and increase convenience.  

A smart bathroom will know how you prefer to take a shower, for example. The Smart Water System from Dornbracht ensures that you don’t have to spend an eternity fiddling with the mixer tap to find your ideal water temperature. You can simply call up your personalised shower scene at the touch of a finger. 

Modern LED and smart light systems ensure the right ambient lighting for your wellness bathroom and the perfect light for your daily beauty care routine. One practical solution is the Gira Sensotec contactless light switch, which uses motion detection to provide convenient energy-saving light control that suits your needs. 

6. Wallpapers to complement 2023’s bathroom trends

The trend towards fully plastered walls or wallpaper in bathrooms is also showing no signs of abating. Unlike tiles, which sometimes have the visual effect of dividing a bathroom into grids, seamless, homogeneous surfaces create more space and make small bathrooms appear less cramped. Wallpaper in particular makes bathrooms look more homely, taking the edge off their otherwise functional character. Water-resistant wallpaper specifically for moisture-prone rooms is available in a wide variety of designs, meaning that tiles can be regulated just to those areas that come into direct contact with water. And if you would like to do without tiles altogether in your bathroom, you can use special wall coverings, such as the Renodeco design panels from HSK.  

Modern bathrooms have a lot to live up to. They must be individual, comforting spaces that look fantastic but are also sustainable and designed for our everyday, practical needs. The bathroom trends for 2023 manage to tick all those boxes: a clean sweep!  

By using wallpaper, you create a cosy feeling of spaciousness in your bathroom. Source: Hovia