If you’ve ever come close to the Dutch border, you probably noticed the change of scenery: the roads are suddenly full of architectural gems, one even more charming than the other. It was no different when we first caught sight of this villa near Rotterdam. But the house has a lot more to offer than a picture-perfect facade: inside, a refined interior concept and smart technology leave no wishes unfulfilled.

Aesthetics? Check. Convenience? Check. In this home, everything fits to a T. Light switches in elegant design go hand in hand with automated lighting control. A bright, spacious living area invites you to get comfortable – surrounded by carefully selected decor and plenty of green. Industrial-style glass walls serve as room dividers that create a loft-like atmosphere. The bedroom, on the other hand, is kept rather dark: a quiet retreat where you can turn off the noise from the outside world.    

Referenz, Villa, Smart Home, NL
Bright and spacious: the villa’s living area makes you feel right at home. Source: Ronald Tilleman

Apart from the interior, the residents put a lot of time and effort into the technical concept. The whole villa was connected through the Gira KNX system. KNX is the international standard for automated building technology. In other words: more comfort, less energy consumption, and more security in everyday life. The system can be controlled with smart operating elements such as the Gira G1 touch panel and pushbutton sensors – all in perfectly coordinated frame designs, of course.  

Next-level comfort thanks to KNX  

Via the Gira G1 – in combination with the Gira HomeServer – the residents keep their entire house in check from one central spot. The touch-sensitive display makes it easy to adjust the room temperature, lighting, or blinds with a simple tap or swipe.

Additional devices and functions can be integrated as well – from smoke detectors and multimedia entertainment to door intercoms.  

Operating units in minimalist design 

Throughout the house, the Gira pushbutton sensor 3 was installed at several places with Gira E2 frames made from aluminium. Each button can be assigned to an individual function and inscribed accordingly. For the upper floor, the owners chose a frame variant in black matt to round off their lighting design concept.