Surprise visits, cheerful reunions, tearful goodbyes – the moments between closing and opening a door can carry many different meanings. Modern door communication systems help us cherish these moments even more: they ensure that we won’t miss important visits and protect us from suspicious strangers.

From classic intercoms to keyless locks, there are plenty of options. Let’s take a closer look at different devices and designs from the Gira product range.

Gira System 106: flexible security at your doorstep

Sounds familiar? The doorbell rings, but you don’t expect any guests or deliveries. Now you’re standing in the hallway, wondering who it might be and whether you should let them in. With Gira System 106, that mystery can be solved easily: the modular intercom covers a variety of functions for front-door security according to your individual needs.

Apart from a bell, loudspeaker, microphone, and call button, the system also includes an optional video function to monitor your entrance area.

You can choose from seven different components to set up a customised door communication system – complete with a colour camera and display.

Of course, your intercom should also match your personal style. If you’re looking for a model that blends in neatly at the entrance, we recommend the flush-mounted variant of Gira System 106: it is integrated into the facade to prevent thermal bridges.

Gira home stations: video intercom systems with camera function

While the Gira System 106 is installed outside, Gira home stations enhance your front-door security from inside. Mounted on the wall in your hallway, they will show you who’s at the door before you let them in. The Gira video home station Plus, for example, switches on automatically whenever someone rings your bell. You can then see the visitor on a colour display and talk to them through the intercom. The surface-mounted station is pre-assembled and extremely flat, with a depth of only 21 mm.

You can opt for a frameless variant or combine your home station with the Gira design line of your choice.

For those who want a door communication system that offers even more flexibility, we recommend the Gira video home station 7. It can either be mounted on the wall or placed on a desk, shelf, and other furniture pieces. Thanks to a high-resolution 7“ display, a brief glimpse will be enough to find out who’s waiting at the door. The sensitive touch display allows you to answer calls, open the door, or switch on lights with a simple fingertip.

Gira Keyless In: the front-door lock for highest security standards

Another day, another problem: you just stepped outside to check your mailbox, and then a gust of wind slams your front door shut. Now you’re standing outside in your bathrobe, while your keys lie on your kitchen able inside. Small mishaps like these can quickly turn into an expensive ordeal – unless you have a smart lock installed at your door.

With Gira Keyless In, you don’t need any keys to let yourself in. Instead, you can either use a personal code or your fingerprint. This front-door security solution not only prevents you from locking yourself out – it also makes it harder for intruders to get in.

How make your door communication even smarter

Within a Gira Smart Home, there are many ways to benefit from intercoms and home stations. You can either retrofit your door communication system separately or integrate it into existing installations.

How about enhancing your front-door security with the Gira G1, for example? Once connected to respective devices, the smart control unit can be used to look at footage from your video intercom, talk to visitors, and open the door.

Or imagine your guests arrive early while you’re still running some last-minute errands. Rather than having them wait outside, you can react immediately – with the Gira DCS mobile app.

Your smartphone will alert you about the visitors as soon as they have rung your bell. You can thus rely on the app to access your intercom, play video footage, and open the door remotely.

Gira motion detector Cube

To ensure that outdoor lights are only switched on when necessary, the Gira motion detector Cube provides several smart functions: it reacts to ambient brightness as well as thermal motion of passers-by. Thanks to this two-in-one combination, you can move around safely at night and save energy at the same time.

Gira outdoor socket outlets

Lawn mower, electric barbecue, party lights – there are many good reasons for socket outlets in outdoor areas. To make sure they match the overall aesthetic of your property, Gira offers a range of different designs.

Gira System 3000

On. Off. Bright. Dark. Warm. Cold. Gira System 3000 enables you to adjust your lights, blinds, and room temperature to accommodate your daily routines. Manually via switch, automatically based on pre-set schedules, or remotely via app.

Gira smoke alarm devices

Smoke alarm devices are essential at any home. Rightfully so, as timely warnings of fire and gases often save lives. Gira’s Basic Q, Dual Q, and wireless smoke alarm devices meet highest saftey standards. The label “Q” stands for certified quality, a long lifespan, increased durability, and less deceptive alarms. In addition, the photoelectric scattered light principle makes your home even safer: smart devices measure the density of fine smoke particles and trigger an alarm as soon as the threshold value is exceeded. Another benefit: the battery will last up to 10 years until the smoke alarm device must be replaced as required by law.