Gira world of colours: Modern colour schemes for your living room

Gira world of colours: Modern colour schemes for your living room

From welcoming guests to holding family gatherings, a living room is the most popular room in a home. We share creative modern colour schemes for your living room using Gira products.

  • Decipher which modern design style will work best for you.
  • Discover various modern interior design styles.
  • Explore Gira world of colours to match your style and interiors.

Discover your modern interior design style.

Modern living rooms are essentially clean and crisp but never boring. With the right design aesthetic and modern colour scheme for your living room, you can create a design that showcases your style and is also suitable for enjoying family time and entertaining guests. However, with numerous modern living room styles to choose from, it can be daunting to decipher which style will work best for you.

A great starting point is to learn a bit about each modern interior design style and then bring colours in your living room based on your style. Let’s begin.

Modern classic interior design for an understated appeal.

If you like elegance and refinement, modern classic interior design is for you. A modern classic design style employs a sense of simplicity in every element while being inherently sophisticated and timeless.

If you wish to go for a modern classic design, think classic decoration style with modern details. Make your essential furniture pieces, like a sofa and centre table, the focal pieces of your living room design, while cutting on the accessories for a clean look. Pick colours, like matte white or black for a timeless charm and incorporate a happy shade, like blanched coral, or a bright hue, like deep red, to add some life and personality. You can add your chosen colour to a few strategically placed items, like rug, cushions or a statement chair, to punch up your living room.

Modern classic designing with Gira: Gira E2, Gira Esprit and Gira Studio design lines are perfect for this theme. Their colours, like pure white silk matt or glossy, black matt, aluminium lacquered and anthracite, are discreet yet classy and blend seamlessly into every classic modern interior. Another design line, Gira Standard 55, is a minimalistic and high-quality design line for basic installation, which can be expanded and adapted as required. Not only switches but the sleek central operating unit for your Smart Home in white or black, Gira G1, will be a seamless integration to this theme.

Make a statement with a colourful modern theme.

There’s no dearth of creative ideas on how to create a colourful modern look for your living room. You can build on a colour that is already there, like a tinge of blue in your rug or a hint of yellow in a piece of artwork. Add it here and there, like in your throws, cushions, couch, chair or lighting accessories and watch as it stands out to create a beautiful monochromatic look.

You can incorporate playful combinations of bright colours in a decent measure, like carnation and flamingo pink or moss green and tan, for making a bold statement. If you are creating a modern colour scheme for living room from scratch, look for colours that complement each other. Start with a colour that you really love and have fun with mixing varying shades. You can go to a fabric store to try out swatches that contain the main colours from your existing living room décor, plus an accent. You can also look at the colour wheel online to see which colours go well together. Then, add those colours in your living room, from upholstery to switches.

Colourful designing with Gira: For infusing colour in your living room with the help of switches, Gira Classix, Gira Event, Gira S-Color and Gira Esprit design lines are your best bets. While Gira ClassiX can help you add a glamorous finishing touch to your stylish interior with its brass or bronze frames, Gira Event and Gira Esprit in multiple colour options, are perfect for a chic appeal.

This velvet green couch, with yellow as an accent colour, creates a subtle decorative look which is perfect for a colourful modern living room theme.

Organic modernism for a warm vibe.

Organic modernism, as the name suggests, is crisp with a touch of earthiness to it. It’s a combination of modern design alongside organic elements. Thus, textures like plaster, clay and stone are used in this theme to create a vibe that’s reminiscent of the desert, along with natural and organic fabrics, like wood, jute and ceramic textures.

An easy way to bring organic modernism in your living room is by using hand-loomed throws or hand-woven cushion covers. When it comes to colours for the organic modern theme, think neutrals, like pale white, greens, earthy pastels, browns and deep beige.

Organic designing with Gira: From glossy pure white and warm shades of grey to the darker umbra tone, the nature-inspired colour palette of the Gira E3 design line will transform your light switches into one of your favourite things about your home. And with its silky matt soft-touch surface, Gira E3 switches not only look good but feel great too. Another great choice for this theme is the Gira Esprit Linoleum-Plywood design line where natural materials and a clear design language take the centre stage.

Inspiration for your living room.

Already inspired with our modern colour schemes for your living room? If you’ve already chosen your living room theme and are in the process of turning your interior design ideas into reality, use the Gira Design Configurator to find out which switch design is the best fit for your interior style. Here, you can try out different colours and design combinations on your smartphone or tablet.

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