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Sit back and relax while you’re on holiday: With the Gira X1 app or the Gira eNet SMART HOME app, you can simulate your presence at home or access your smart home technology even when you’re on the road. Switch on your heating and raise or lower the blinds – with just a few touches and with complete encryption security via the Gira S1 server. Your home can also respond intelligently to any change in the weather to keep your property safe: Awnings can be automatically extended and retracted in the event of a storm, as the Gira KNX weather station detects the current wind speed, wind direction and temperature. Inside the home, Gira smoke alarm devices give you a sense of safety; the Gira wireless smoke alarm device boasts a 10-year battery life and enhanced protection against deceptive alarms. It identifies the formation of smoke particles at an early stage and sends details of the alarm to you via text message, enabling you to remain in control – even when you’re on holiday.