Interior design is not only about looks – it’s about creating a space where you feel most comfortable. The right combination of colours, materials, and accessories can do wonders for your mood. Add some smart devices, and your home will leave no wish unfulfilled. This goes for the living room as much as the bathroom: the latest trends of 2022 show how even brushing teeth can become the highlight of your day.     

Wasserhahn Ritmonio matt Edelstahl
With an elegant finish, faucets turn into a design statement. Source: Ritmonio

Bathroom trend no. 1: faucets as eye-catchers 

Matt surfaces have long been a favourite among interior enthusiasts. Velvety finishes, either in bright or dark colours, bring a sense of effortless elegance into everyday living spaces. Picking up on this trend, many labels have recently launched collections of matt valves. Their bathroom ideas for 2022 range from all-black designs – as presented by Zazzeri or Antoniolupi – to white variants that immediately catch the eye. Less is more here: with minimalist statement pieces like these, you don’t need a lot of decoration around. Small details such as classic Gira E2 light switches in pure white matt or black matt will be enough to round off the look.   

Another popular bathroom trend in 2022: metallic faucets with brushed finishes. German label Dornbracht, for example, now offers a collection of luxury faucets made from brushed brass. Zazzeri’s collection includes a variant in brushed stainless steel as well. Want to complement your elegant fittings with some sparkling highlights on the wall? In that case, you should take a look at the switch frames from the Gira Esprit design line in bronze or stainless steel.   

Last but not least, we have a special bathroom idea for everyone who loves a bit of extravagance: Antoniolupi recently launched a collection of hybrid showerheads that serve as a source of both water and lighting. Maximum functionality in minimalist form!   

Wasserhahn rot Antonio Lupi Badezimmertrends
Modern faucets can serve as a source of water and lighting at the same time. Source: Antoniolupi

Bathroom trend no. 2: smart tech 

In Smart Homes, you can control all kinds of functions and devices via app or voice command – even in the bathroom. Did you know that there are digital systems to monitor your energy and water consumption and thus keep your monthly costs at a minimum? Automated processes also go a long way in making daily routines more convenient. With smart faucets, for instance, you can start and stop the water flow by simply moving your hand. Thermostat valves in turn ensure that the water temperature stays at your preferred level.  

Dornbracht has developed a series of smart water applications which allow you to configure up to 150 individual settings for water outlets, temperatures, volumes, fragrance, light, and sound. You can thus experience a revitalizing contrast shower, a relaxing wellness shower, an invigorating leg affusion, or a therapeutic foot bath at the touch of a button. Combined with smart lighting, you’ll have the perfect spa atmosphere in a matter of seconds. The Gira System 3000 touch top unit, for example, has an integrated memory function that enables you to store preferred settings and activate them anytime.  

Badezimmer Massivholz Burgbad
Wooden furniture pieces create a “hygge” ambience in the bathroom. Source: Burgbad

Bathroom trend no. 3: back to nature

Sustainability is definitely not a new trend – but it’s here to stay. The growing demand for long-lived and recyclable products has initiated many innovative bathroom ideas in 2022. More and more designers opt for alternatives that are truly natural (and not only look the part). The Finnish label Woodio went so far as developing their own signature material to replace conventional ceramics – a 100 % waterproof solid wood composite. Available in a range of earthy colours, it can be used for sinks, bathtubs, and even toilet seats.  

The Mya collection from German label Burgbad also brings nature back into the bathroom. Inspired by country-style and Scandinavian interior, wooden furniture pieces such as sideboards and towel racks create a warm, cosy atmosphere. Another great bathroom idea for 2022: Austrian design studio Nina Mair offers basins and bathtubs made from authentic, hand-polished walnut. The material’s unique aesthetics work particularly well together with bohemian-style accents such as Gira Esprit switches in linoleum-plywood.  

Holz Badewanne Woodio
Natural elements meet innovative design: a bathtub made from a waterproof wood composite. Source: Woodio
Transparente Badewanne Antoniolupi Badezimmertrends
With freestanding bathtubs, you can enjoy the ultimate spa feeling in your own home. Source: Antoniolupi

Bathroom trend no. 4: tubs in the spotlight 

There’s something about freestanding bathtubs that immediately makes you feel like staying at a luxury resort. Of course, not every home has enough room for such a large centre piece. But the latest bathroom ideas of 2022 include a solution to this kind of problem as well. Italian design studio Rexa, for example, has launched a collection of partially detached tubs. The installation can be mounted alongside a wall or neatly tucked into a corner.  

If you’re looking for something extra special, the Borghi bathtub from Antoniolupi will not disappoint. Made from Cristalmood, a transparent resin with a glossy and colourable finish, it has a surface reminiscent of polished gemstone.  

Miles Hartwell und Matt Withington, the duo behind the UK-based studio SplinterWorks, have taken the trend of unusual bathtubs one step further. Their hammock collection is just what you may have guessed from its name: tubs shaped like a hammock. Hartwell and Withington wanted to combine the feeling of lazy summer with the relaxation of a hot bath. The hammock is suspended by steel angles from one wall to the other, seemingly floating above the floor. It is filled through a standing tap and then drained through the base in the middle.  

Badewanne schwarz Splinterworks
Taking a bubble bath in a hammock? No problem, thanks to the unique design concept of SpliterWorks. Source: SplinterWorks
Rebado Badezimmer grau
Smooth, plastered walls are an elegant – and waterproof – alternative to conventional tiles. Source: Rebado

Bathroom trend no. 5: plastered walls 

When it comes to walls around the shower and washbasins, tiles are the obvious choice – but definitely not the only one. Alternatively, you can switch things up with a variety of other water-resistant surfaces. German manufacturer HSK has developed a wall cladding called Renodeco: made from scratchproof aluminium composite, it comes with a seamless finish that looks like natural stone. Rebado also drew inspiration from this trending bathroom idea for 2022. The design studio based in Bavaria offers customised solutions with a broad range of wall cladding and floor systems to choose from. Maintaining a careful balance between style and substance, they rely on recyclable and allergy-friendly materials wherever possible.  

Badezimmer grau Badewanne  Rebado
High-quality materials and minimalist aesthetics: bathroom designs from Rebado are carefully crafted down to the last detail. Source: Rebado