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Know who is at the door – and look forward to visits.

The process of making your guests feel welcome when they visit your home starts long before you open the door. The premium design of Gira door intercoms will create a great first impression while satisfying even the most demanding security and convenience needs. The same is true of our door intercoms with video function – which boast an integrated camera in addition to a microphone, speaker and door opener. An image of the visitor from the System 106 door intercom at the entrance to your home is transmitted to the 7” colour display on the Gira surface-mounted video home station 7 or the Gira home station inside your property, enabling you to communicate directly with guests outside. And if you aren’t at home when the doorbell rings, you can open the door to your visitors conveniently using the Gira DCS mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. All of your data is encrypted to the highest standards of security. With intelligent Gira Keyless In products, you can even open the door using your fingerprint or a code – and without having to root around for your keys. The system can be used to easily replace or expand the features of virtually any doorbell system.