Building and renovating: tips, checklists, inspirations

Architects, electricians, technicians, system integrators – it truly takes a village to build a home. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution and each project has its own unique challenges. But no matter the circumstances, the planning phase is always the most important part of the process. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an older one, you’ll have to consider a plethora of questions well in advance:


  • What’s the most sustainable way to regulate indoor temperatures?

  • Can your house generate its own energy? Could you benefit from a photovoltaic plant?

  • Can you replace conventional materials such as steel and concrete by other renewable resources?

  • How can switches and socket outlets be retrofitted?

  • Do you want to integrate a smart network, either now or later on?


Our magazine tackles all of these questions (and many others) to guide you through your own planning process. Articles on topics such as retrofittable alarm devices or indoor air quality illustrate how you can make your home not only comfortable, but also secure and healthy all around. Needless to say, sustainability plays an increasingly essential role in every step of the way – from recyclable materials to energy-efficient construction and insulation methods. Accessibility is another key factor: smart technologies have opened up new possibilities for elderly or physically impaired residents. As our world keeps changing at a rapid pace, we’re excited to discover what the future of building will look like!

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