Interior ideas: design in every shape, form, and colour

Your home could use some fresh paint or maybe a whole new look? Then you’ll find plenty of inspirations in our magazine: current trends, outstanding designs, and creative solutions for every last corner. From the bedroom and kitchen down to the balcony and garden, it’s all about making your home even more stylish and comfortable. We’ll show you how to turn a regular bathroom into a wellness oasis, or a basic study into a productive hub. Furthermore, we explain how global developments such as the ongoing digitisation and the call for sustainable alternatives keep changing the ways we live. Throughout all of these topics, our articles revolve around one key question: What do you need to feel happy and healthy in your own home? From different interior styles down to extraordinary colours and materials, G-Pulse offers a variety of ideas to get creative. Minimalist or luxurious, industrial or bohemian, modern or classic: the possibilities are virtually endless.

Beyond aesthetics, we also look at the functional aspects of interior design. You will learn more about modular systems, flexible furniture, and other innovations that help us save time, space, and energy. Last but not least, the G-Pulse home stories illustrate how this all plays out in real life: see how other people have realised their dream home and what challenges they had to overcome along the way.

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