Smart living: when your house knows what you need

Smart devices are much more than trendy gadgets. They have begun to transform the way we work, build, and live. For many people, home automation is already part of their everyday routines – in new and older buildings as well as rented flats. Smart technology offers many benefits: first-class comfort and entertainment, along with the highest standards in terms of security and energy efficiency. From the kitchen to the garden, there are endless possibilities to control your house with a single swipe on your smartphone or a simple voice command. That being said, the amount of options makes it even more important to start by figuring out your personal requirements:



These are only some of the frequently asked questions that our magazine explores. By now, you can automate almost any device and function in your household: blinds, heating, lighting, entertainment systems, kitchen appliances, robotic vacuums … the list goes on. Beyond the classic switch, there are many ways to keep your house in check – from digital displays mounted on the wall to apps and voice assistants. Whenever you’re on the road or on vacation, all it takes is a quick glance at your smartphone to see what’s going on at home. Another benefit: intelligent technologies help you reduce your energy expenditure without compromising on comfort.

Our magazine takes a closer look at everything a Smart Home can do. Apart from insights into the latest innovations and future trends, we also share practical tips and solutions for everyday life – from beginner’s guides to advanced deep dives.

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