Operating units from Gira not only come with convenient functions – they also serve as a visual highlight on the wall. How that works? Just mix and match your favourite products as you see fit.

Surface-mounted or flush-mounted, one-way or two-way, button or pushbutton: Gira switches are designed to meet your individual needs. What makes them even more flexible is the modular Gira System 55: it allows you to freely combine or exchange various frames and inserts.  

What are Gira switch inserts?

Functional inserts provide the basis for every switch installation. Within the Gira product range, there are seven design lines whose components have uniform measurements of 55 x 55 mm: 

This means that you can integrate inserts with different functions into the frames of your choice – from classic light switching to Smart Home control. Not sure what you’re looking for yet? We’ve got on overview of some of the most popular options.  

Gira System 3000: wireless top units

If you haven’t installed any smart technology in your home yet, we recommend starting with the Gira System 3000. It covers all essential functions for everyday life: lighting, heating, and blind control. You can rely on a Bluetooth app, motion sensors, time schedules, and several operating elements installed on the wall. 

  • Gira System 3000 touch top unit: adjust your lights and blinds with a simple tap or swipe, just like you would when using your smartphone. While tapping translates to an “on/off” command, swiping enables you to gradually adjust the brightness or your blinds’ position.  

  • Gira System 3000 blind timer display: shade your house from the sun (or noisy neighbours) according to your personal routines. Via tap, you can set regular schedules for every day of the week.  

  • Gira System 3000 room temperature controller: regulate your indoor climate and save energy with automated schedules. Once you’ve configured your preferred settings, the heating only runs when necessary and stops as soon as a desired temperature is reached.   

Gira KNX system: smart control without limits

You’d like to tap to the full potential of a Smart Home? Then you should consider installing a cabled KNX system. Apart from lights, blinds, and heating, you can integrate a multitude of additional components – including a door intercom, smoke detectors, or entertainment devices. To control all of these, Gira offers several switch variants that are also part of the Gira System 55:  

  • The Gira pushbutton sensor 3 covers up to eight individual functions of different devices. It can even store and activate complex scenes that involve lighting, blinds, and music, for example. An integrated temperature sensor will monitor your heating based on your preconfigured settings.  

  • The Gira button for KNX might seem like a regular light switch at first glance. So you’ll probably be surprised to discover all the smart functions hidden behind its simplistic design: adjusting the brightness and colour of your lights or even monitoring indoor temperatures.  

Mix: Gira switches in your favourite design

Bold statements or subtle accents? A touch of luxury or clean simplicity? Within the Gira System 55, anything goes. You can choose from seven design lines that all come in different shapes, colours, and materials. There’s plenty of room for your creativity to run wild – so that your switches match your interior, not the other way round. Not sure what that may look like yet? Here’s some inspiration to get started:  


  • The design original Gira E2 stands out with its reduced, straight-lined aesthetic. It is in available in classic colour variants such as black matt or pure white glossy. 

  • Gira Esprit is a great choice for lovers of extraordinary materials. Frames made from bronze (PVD), glass, or linoleum-plywood work particularly well in nature-based interiors with lots of green and wooden elements.  

  • Gira Studio switches have a modern edge that will make your home feel like an industrial-style loft apartment. Their distinctly round shape turns any wall into an eye-catching highlight. 

Match: design that fits your personal style

You’ve already picked a favourite and now you’re wondering which colour or material will look best in your own home? With the Gira Design Configurator, you can quickly find out: the online tool uses AR technology to generate a live preview in your real-life environment. All you need is a tablet or smartphone. Give it a try and see for yourself!  

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