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Gira System 3000

A day in the life with Gira System 3000: more comfort thanks to smart control.

Imagine your blinds lowering themselves just when the sun comes out – or your heating turning on and off, even when you’re not home. These are just a few examples of what is possible with Gira System 3000: lighting, blind, and heating control all in one. You can monitor each function in various ways – manually, automatically, or via app. How that works? We’ll walk you through a typical day at a Gira Smart Home.

Whether it’s via switch or app: Gira System 3000 makes your daily life even more comfortable.

Waking up with Gira System 3000.

Sounds familiar? Fast asleep, you’re suddenly jolted by a shrieking alarm, only to find yourself in a pitch-black bedroom. Not exactly the best way to gather new energy in the morning, right? How you wake up can have a huge impact on how you get on throughout the rest of the day. Therefore, Gira System 3000 blind control helps you start off on the right foot. If you’d like to be woken up by the sun, you can use the astro function: it raises your blinds automatically at sunrise and then lowers them again at sunset. Alternatively, you may also set personalised time schedules so that the blinds will raise exactly when you wish to wake up.

Good Morning! Thanks to automated blind control, you can wake up gently at sunrise.

Getting ready with Gira System 3000.

Once it’s time to leave your bed, you won’t have to walk into a chilly hallway or bathroom, either. Thanks to automated heating control, your house will already be warmed up to your desired temperature. You can even configure different schedules for each individual room: maybe you only need heating in the bathroom and kitchen in the morning? Or you’d like to make sure that your office feels nice and cosy when you’re working from home? The Gira System 3000 room temperature controller regulates heating according to your daily routines – and stops heating as soon as the desired temperature is reached. Thus, intelligent technology not only makes home life more comfortable. It also ensures you won’t waste any energy.

Staying in charge with Gira System 3000.

After some productive hours spent in your study, you might have to go out and run some errands. But even while away, you can rely on your smart system to keep your house in check. Just take a final look on your smartphone before you leave: the Gira Smart Home app will tell you if everything is in place. Maybe you want the blinds to go down when the sun comes out later? Or the house should be warmed up once you come back? With a single tap or swipe, you can adjust your settings for the time you’re away.  

Gira System 3000 App für das Smartphone
Control your entire Smart Home intuitively via app.

Enjoy your holiday – while Gira System 3000 protects your home.

By the way: you don’t even have to worry about your house during the holidays. Gira System 3000 lighting control includes a presence simulation feature: it ensures that your rooms are well lit while your house is in fact empty. This will scare possible intruders away, making your household seem as busy as usual. To mimic your daily routines, you can either program one schedule for the entire week, or different ones for each day.

Touchaufsatz System 3000
Gira System 3000 switches lights on and off to simulate your presence when the house is empty.

Coming home with Gira System 3000.

Once you’re done with your errands or work for the day, it’s finally time for dinner and movie night. Arriving at your gateway, you will receive a warm welcome from Gira System 3000: smart motion detectors will switch on outdoor lights as soon as you step foot on your property. Reacting to thermal movement, they won’t be activated by small animals or rustling leaves – which helps you save even more energy.

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Smart motion sensors ensure that your pathway is well lit when you come home after nightfall.

Upon entering your house, you’ll be greeted with a cosy atmosphere: Gira System 3000 already took care that every room has the perfect temperature right on time, according to your pre-set schedule. During summertime, the indoor climate will feel just as pleasant – because you had lowered the blinds earlier via app so that your house would be shaded from the afternoon heat.

Gira System 3000 allows you to change your Smart Home settings with a simple swipe.

Now, all that’s left for you to do is lay down on your couch and relax. Got a tendency to fall asleep while watching a movie? No problem: just tell your system to switch off all the lights automatically after one or two hours, using the app on your smartphone. Thus, another day in the life with Gira comes to an end – followed by a good night’s sleep and another good morning.

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