Gira System 3000

A system that not only controls day and night.

Light and blind control are among the most used and therefore most important applications in a smart home. With the Gira System 3000 both functions can be controlled via a manual wall-mounted control unit or via an app with Bluetooth. The app can also be used to integrate and operate System 3000 motion and presence detectors into the existing lighting system. Thanks to an integrated room temperature controller, heating can also be controlled via System 3000 in a consistent design and operating concept.

Gira System 3000 blind and time switch display, Gira E2 flat installation, colour pure white glossy.

High-quality design. Ease of use.

The Gira System 3000 is suitable both for installation in new buildings and for retrofitting in an old building. There are five operating top units with different Gira designs and functions for operation. You have the choice between manual operating top units (with and without arrow symbols, also available with memory function) and timers with a display or Bluetooth function. For brightness and motion-dependent lighting control, operating top units with motion detectors are available that can be set and operated via app.

Gira System 3000, operating attachment, Gira E3, colour pure white glossy

Automatic control – simply via app.

In the Gira app you can define automatic switching and moving times for light and blinds. Thanks to the connection with the Bluetooth top unit of the wall-mounted control unit, the control is automatically executed at the defined times. The integrated temperature sensor can be linked to the blinds so that they automatically provide sun protection when outdoor temperatures rise.

Gira System 3000 App für das Smartphone
Gira System 3000, time switch and blind clock Bluetooth, Gira E3, colour pure white glossy

Brings light to the darkness. Even if nobody is home.

The motion and presence detectors in System 3000 provide more orientation in the dark, e.g. in stairwells or in the corridor. The detectors either trigger when movement is detected or switch the lighting on at pre-programmed times. The app can be used to set fixed switching times or activate a presence simulation.

Gira System 3000 App für das Smartphone
For example, you can set the brightness of the Gira System 3000 motion detector via System 3000 App.

Switching without a switch. All it takes is one swipe.

The Gira System 3000 touch top unit allows you to control your lighting with an intuitive surface. Whether you want your lights on, off, or dimmed – a single finger swipe will set the right mood. You can also use the touch surface to adjust your blinds. Its sleek, simplistic design fit in easily with any type of interior style.

Touchaufsatz System 3000
Swipes instead of switches: The Gira System 3000 touch top unit is operated through an intuitive touch surface.