Gira System 106 an Außenwand

Greet your Guests in Safety and Style: Easily retrofit a Gira Door Intercom System

Greet your Guests in Safety and Style: Easily retrofit a Gira Door Intercom System

Premium Door Intercom Systems: Practical yet elegant options from Gira.

  • Greet your guests with a stylish intercom and camera – before they enter.
  • Gira System 106 is not only customizable, but boasts a classy.
  • Style-conscious homeowners will particularly like the robust Gira Door Station AP.

Maybe you moved into your home quite a long time ago. Or perhaps it simply hasn’t been modernized in years (or decades). If so, you can probably think of a few things that need doing-up, aesthetically or technologically. Renovating and modernizing homes for many people starts with one of the most important factors: safety. In practical terms, this means knowing who is at the door and what they want from you. And unless you have a functional door intercom, that’s practically impossible. It’s also something you don’t really see on older properties – unless, of course, you choose an easy-to-install solution from Gira. But what options does Gira offer, exactly?

Gira System 106 an Hausfassade
Gira System 106: The bell, name tag and speech function modules can be attached/assembled as needed.

Gira System 106: A customisable, module-based solution with a premium design.

What would you really prefer on your door? A sleek, modern door intercom or an old, rusty doorbell? Most of us would go for the modern door station, such as the Gira System 106 – the perfect choice if you want function that’s also stylish. Even better, it’s quite easy to assemble. All you need to do is insert the module into the wall. And yes, you can insert it in multiple ways: vertical, horizontal or just have it in square form. You can even add a few nice, personal touches by having your name engraved into the metallic buttons. Or, if you prefer, behind a class covering and backlit.

The Gira 106 Module has a high-quality microphone installed, because clear audio communication is vital. The microphone lets you hear your guests on the other side due to a higher voice quality. This is thanks to the noise suppression filter, which reduces background noise. The loudspeaker is also weatherproof.

Gira System 106 vertikal ausgerichtet
Gira System 106: The bell, name tag and speech function modules can be attached/assembled as needed.

See who’s at the door, before you open it.

If someone’s hanging around our front lawn or porch, we want to know about it. The Gira Camera Module 106 will let you know in an instant. With high photosensitivity, a wide recording angle and backlit compensation, you’ll instantly see a sharp and clear picture of who is on your doorstep. Plus, it’s always good to see the smiling faces of your family or friends when they come to visit. The Gira Camera Module 106 is also protected by shatterproof and scratch-resistant black glass, giving it an extra touch of style.

As another nice touch, the Gira Info Module 106 elegantly displays your house number, company logo or any other piece of information.

Visitors, both invited and impromptu, will immediately be able to figure out what’s going on with the Gira Display Module 106. This is thanks to little symbols which display when you are able to speak, and even whether or not the door is open.

Gira System 106, Anzeigemodul
The dimensions of the modules are the same, which is why you always remain flexible with the Gira System 106.

Uniform dimensions mean Gira System 106 is easy to assemble.

Each of the individual components of System 106 measure 106.5 x 106.5 mm. This means you can assemble and arrange them as you need. You can, for example, mount horizontally, vertically or just leave it as a square. And visually, Gira System 106 is difficult to beat. Its sleek, metallic plates fit in with almost any environment and of course, they’re very robust. A first-class solution for anyone with a good eye for design.

Gira System 106 zweifach Set
Gira System 106 is compatible with the Gira Home Station.

The Gira AP Door Station: The ready-made solution for style-conscious pragmatists.

System 106 isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re more the kind who wants something that’s instantly usable (yet still stylish and robust), the Gira AP Door Station might be up your alley.

The Gira AP Door Station is break-proof, UV-resistant, splash-proof and perfectly equipped for the outdoors. It comes in both surface-mounted and flush-mounted version. For basic equipment, it includes a loudspeaker, microphone and of course a bell push button. You can also exchange the name plates easily and quickly, without opening the frame. Durable LEDs illuminate the buttons in blue or white, depending on your style choice.

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