Why do you need a Smart Home?  

Ever catch yourself checking twice if all lights and devices are switched off? Or turning the heating on full blast and then forgetting to turn it down again? Smart technology can put an end to problems like these. It all starts with a central server that connects different devices to each other. This allows you to configure and combine multiple functions via IFTTT (“If this, then that”). Using an app, you can even monitor your network remotely.  

Advantages of home automation in everyday life

You decide you how control your system: via switch, app, or voice command. One great benefit of Smart Homes is that you can create automated processes according to your personal routines. How about a morning like this, for example:

You decide you how control your system: via switch, app, or voice command. One great benefit of Smart Homes is that you can create automated processes according to your personal routines. How about a morning like this, for example:

  • Your blinds go up automatically so that you are woken up by the first sunlight.  

  • At the same time, the radio starts playing your favourite music.

  • Before you go into the bathroom, the light in the hallway switches on.

  • While you’re taking a shower, your smart coffee machine starts brewing fresh coffee.

  • As soon as you have left the house, all devices are turned off automatically.

  • Except for the vacuum robot, of course: this little helper then makes sure that you’ll come home to a clean house in the evening.

Sustainable benefits of smart technology

Switching off lights or household appliances automatically is one way to save energy. But what about heating? In Smart Homes, you can benefit from automated time schedules: after you’ve set the preferred temperatures and intervals, your house takes care of everything by itself.

  • During the day, the rooms will be warm and cosy whenever somebody is home.

  • At night or while you’re away, the heating will be turned off.

Smart blind control can minimise your energy consumption as well. At noon, for example, your shutters could be raised automatically so that the sun warms up the interior. Once the desired temperature is reached, they will go down again to prevent overheating.

Safety advantages of a Smart Home

Comfort and security go hand in hand. That’s why a Smart Home includes a variety of functions to protect you and your property. If your bell rings but you’re not expecting anyone, a door intercom with an integrated camera module will quickly solve the mystery. Via app, you can even open the door for guests while you’re still out running errands.

 Another important benefit of Smart Homes: presence simulation to scare off potential intruders. When you go on vacation, you can set a time schedule for lights and blinds so that it seems like the house is inhabited as usual. You won’t have to worry about outbreaks of fire, either: smart smoke detectors will register any suspicious fumes early on and sound the alarm immediately.

Let your Smart Home entertain you

Playing your favourite music via voice command or transforming your living room into a cinema – with multimedia entertainment, the whole family can benefit from Smart Home automation. No need to get up from the couch to set the mood: with a few swipes on your smartphone, the lights will be dimmed while the TV and sound system are switched on. All you have to do is get the popcorn ready, lean back, and enjoy the show.

For even more flexibility, you can also integrate voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant into your network. In KNX Smart homes, this works via the Gira X1 mini server.

Smart Home benefits with systems made by Gira

You’re ready to bring smart technology into your own home? Gira offers different systems that cover all possible functions, ranging from essential basics to highly complex scenarios:  

Still wondering which system might be the right one for you? In our article “Cabled or wireless”, we take a closer look at the special features of different networks.

Gira KNX RF system

Thanks to modern RF technology, Gira KNX systems can now be installed with a wireless network: the new way to set up a safe, future-proof Smart Home.   

Voice control in Smart Homes

All you need to control your Smart Home is your voice – thanks to Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Gira System 3000

On. Off. Bright. Dark. Warm. Cold. Gira System 3000 enables you to adjust your lights, blinds, and room temperature to accommodate your daily routines. Manually via switch, automatically based on pre-set schedules, or remotely via app.

Gira System 3000 blind control

Light. Dark. And all the shades in between. Gira System 3000 allows you to control blinds, shutters, and awnings according to your daily routines. Thus, you can not only regulate the birghtness in your home, but also maintain a pleasant indoor climate and save energy. There are various top units are available, from manual control to remote access via Bluetooth. In case you have already installed a manual operating unit, you can easily replace it with another unit of Gira System 3000 anytime. For example, you may transform a simple switch into a timer to set automatic schedules for your electric blinds. And of course, we offer a variety of designs to choose from.

Gira System 3000 room temperature controller

Heating control with maximum simplicity and comfort. Gira System 3000 allows you to fully automate the adjustment of room temperatures. With preset time schedules, you can warm up your home whenever needed and ensure that heating will automatically stop if no longer necessary. This not only enhances quality of life, but also saves a lot of energy in the long run.