Right next to the picturesque coastline of “Jadebusen“, Germany, Jeannine and her partner Benjamin have built their dream home – a city mansion in minimalist design. An avid interior enthusiast herself, Jeannine planned the whole concept down to the last detail. Her keen eye has earned her thousands of followers on Instagram, where she offers insights into the house and its unique features. We sat down with the proud home owner for a personal chat.

Jeannine and Benjamin always saw themselves living in a town villa that reflected their personal style inside and out. In 2018, this vision became reality: their new build stuns with a finely tuned mix of comfort and elegance. Located on the coast of northern Germany, it showcases Jeannine’s love for minimalist design.

While studying to become a teacher, she also started to post about her passion projects on social media in 2020. Her Instagram account modernity.focus now has close to 60,000 followers who continue to draw inspiration from her interior style.

G-Pulse editorial team: You’ve been sharing a lot of content about your home on Instagram since 2020. Where did the idea for your “Insta diary“ come from?

Jeannine: I had been getting a lot of great feedback for my creative work from friends and family.Plus, I had so much fun doing it – so I decided to launch my own Instagram account. I’ve been taking my followers along throughout various projects ever since, and their support motivates me every single day.

G-Pulse editorial: You furnished your home with a lot of attention to detail. The dark centre pieces contrast the bright walls and fronts perfectly. How would you describe your interior style?

Jeannine: Initially, I drew inspiration from many different sources. Apart from our passion for travelling – the latest highlight was a road trip through Iceland – I was always intrigued by topics around interior, design, and lifestyle. We finally opted for a mix of Japandi and modern, minimalist elements. I place great value on a clear-cut aesthetic, hence the monochrome colour scheme.

Treppenabsatz Designvilla modernity.focus
With great attention to detail, Jeannine and Benjamin have created a cozy home for themselves. Source: modernity.focus aka Jeannine Bietau
Treppenabsatz Designvilla modernity.focus
The simple concrete staircase adds a little something extra to the interior design. Source: modernity.focus aka Jeannine Bietau

G-Pulse editorial staff: Even the electrical installation matches your signature style. Which Gira products did you choose – and why?

Jeannine: The Gira products installed at our house met our expectations in terms of minimalism, design, and quality. These aspects were very important to us during the planning phase.

That’s why we picked socket outlets and switches in pure white from the Gira E2 design line.

Esszimmer Designvilla modernity.focus
Lighting in warm colours creates a cosy atmosphere in the monochrome hallway. Source: modernity.focus aka Jeannine Bietau

G-Pulse editorial staff: The most recent addition to your home was a robotic vacuum cleaner. Any other smart upgrades planned in the near future?

Jeannine: Yes, this clever robot really helps us keep the house in order. But we’d also like to integrate smart lighting control for indoors and outdoors – followed by a security system with smoke alarm devices and camera surveillance. This way, we’ll feel much more relaxed while travelling.

G-Pulse editorial: Your home has changed a lot since 2020. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, what were the biggest challenges you tackled last year?

Jeannine: Installing our swing door was definitely challenging. At the first attempt, we had a problem because of another contractor involved. Building the first part of our elevated flower bed was no easy feat, either. That’s why I always remind my community: if you want to build, take your time. Trying to rush things will only make it worse and drag out the process even longer.

G-Pulse editorial staff: Last but not least – can you tell us anything about upcoming projects?

Jeannine: Oh well, there’s a lot on my list! But I can’t do everything at once, of course. This year, we want to put the finishing touches on our flower bed and front yard. We also want to set up a room divider for a ”bath en suite“.

Next in line will be a wine fridge and a cosy fireplace – hopefully in time for the next winter season!

Thank you for sharing so many insights into your home and style philosophy, Jeannine! We wish you all the best for what’s to come.