Living comfort is just as much about functionality as it is about aesthetics – especially during the winter. When it gets chilly and dark outside, a homely and carefully decorated interior can do wonders for our mood. If you’re looking for something to keep you warm in every sense of the word, we’ve got you covered: modern heaters fend off the cold and make for an eye-catching highlight at the same time.

Lamps, doors, shelves – with the right design, almost any object in your household can turn into a stylish statement. So why not give your heating system a visual upgrade as well? By now, manufacturers provide a variety of options in different shapes, colours, and materials. Let’s take a look at some of the latest innovations and their special features: from lighting effects to practical room dividers.    


Decoration on the wall or towel holder: modern heaters come in many shapes and forms. Source: Tubes Radiatori, Beppe Brancato, AD Studio Milo

1. Eve: a modern electric heater with a touch of magic  

Italian design duo Ludovica and Roberto Palomba have found a clever way to combine heating and lighting: developed for the brand Tubes, the Eve requires no installation and can be put anywhere necessary. When turned on, it exudes a stream of hot air from the lower part of its elliptically shaped casing – all the while creating an intriguing play of light. The visual “wow” effect is accentuated by elegant colour variants: gold, oxide red, white matt, or black matt.  

Warm lighting and warm air: the perfect remedy for the winter blues. Source: Max Zambelli / Tubes Radiatori
Together with a colourful background, the Eve heater in black matt creates a subtle play of contrasts. Source: Tubes, Nacho Uribesalazar, Espacio de Artemade by Marta Labrador c/o Casa Decor 2020, Madrid

You love a perfectly coordinated interior? To complement the minimalist appeal of the modern heater Eve, we recommend switches and socket outlets from a timeless design line such as Gira E2 in black matt.  

2. Square: a design heater that never goes out of style 

Is it a painting? Is it a screen? As you might have guessed – it’s neither. Only 28 millimetres thick and made from light-weight aluminium, the Square looks nothing like your average radiator. It comes in two versions (electrical or hydraulic) and can be ordered in different shapes. The rectangular variant allows you to mount it either horizontally or vertically on the wall. All of the modern heater’s fixture remain hidden behind the monochrome surface, making it seem like a work of art. With a variety of customisable features and more than 140 colours, there’s plenty of room for you to add a personal touch.   

3. Agorà: heating with artistic finesse 

Classic and yet contemporary: the versatile design concept of Agorà, a radiator mounted on the wall, will accommodate any style or taste. It is available in three versions (décor-free, single decor, or double decor) – not to mention the vast range of sizes, finishes, and colours. Another plus of this modern heater: it can be easily retrofitted without extensive renovation work. Thanks to an ultra-low water content and high output, the Agorà also helps you save energy while enjoying perfect indoor temperatures.     


Vintage vibes or futuristic edge? The Agorà heater can be customised for all types of living spaces. Source: Tubes Radiatori, Beppe Brancato, AD Studio Milo

4. Milano: modern heater turned sculpture 

Keeping it low-key and taking a backseat? Not with this one: the Milano grabs your attention as soon as you step into the room. Its iconic shape even earned the vertical electrical radiator a permanent spot at the design museum “Die neue Sammlung” (“the new collection”) in Munich, Germany. After launching the original in 2006, Italian brand Tubes recently came out with another version: the Milano is now available as a horizontal installation, either mounted on the wall or standing on the floor. You can also connect the modern heater to a wireless thermostat and program weekly schedules.    

The horizontal version of the Milano heater appears to be floating effortlessly a few centimetres above ground. Source: Tubes Radiatori, Beppe Brancato, AD Studio Milo

5. Origami: modern space heater inspired by folding paper 

What do you think of when you hear “Origami“? Probably an assortment of colourful, handcrafted figurines: maybe some playful birds or caterpillars? That’s exactly what Italian designer Alberto Meda had in mind when he developed the Origami. Named after the popular Japanese folding technique, this modern heater can be drawn open or wrapped up in a matter of seconds. It might thus serve as a room divider, a tower rail, or simply a piece of art all by itself. Based on the plug & play principle, you can opt for a free-standing setup or have your Origami radiator mounted onto the wall.  

Room divider, towel warmer, or simply a decorative statement? The foldable Origami heater can be all in one. Source: Tubes Radiatori, Max Zambelli

6. Pipewave: mobile heating in minimalist design 

Feeling a bit chilly in the bathroom? Or maybe you want to warm up on the couch after a long walk outside that left your hands and feet ice-cold?  With the Pipewave, a portable infrared column from the Austrian company Redwell, you’ll always have an extra source of 360° heating right by your side. The smallest version only weighs around 6 kilograms, so you can easily move it around and place it anywhere you see fit. Redwell offers options for permanent installations as well – with the modern heater attached either to the wall or ceiling. You can choose between different sizes and performances levels, ranging between 0.5 and 2 metres in height. 

The Pipewave, an infrared heating column, can be placed anywhere you could use some extra warmth. Source: Redwell

7. Graffe: modern heater meets pop art  

You love multifunctional pieces that don’t take up too much space? Then this innovation, designed by Franca Lucarelli and Bruno Rapisarda for Italian manufacturer Scirocco, might be just what you’re looking for. The Graffe (which translates to “paper clip”) consists of a circular steel tube that serves both as a radiator and towel warmer. Mounted on the wall, either vertically or horizontally, it looks just like an oversized staple. The modern heater comes in two versions: hydraulic and electrical. Beyond the technical features, Scirocco also offers a broad variety of finishes in all sorts of colours – from black matt and metallised bronze to mustard yellow or bold red.