Interior trends
How are we going to design, furnish, and use our homes in the future? According to the latest predictions for architecture and interior trends in 2023, we’ve got a lot to look forward to: here’s our countdown of some exciting developments that will transform our everyday life in various ways.

Trends become tangible when we carefully observe the present and think about how current tendencies will further evolve along the line. The most talked-about colours for 2023, for example, already signal an era of new beginnings. Technological progress and social movements, political crises and climate change – all these phenomena have turned our world as we knew it upside down in recent years. Based on global trends unfolding at a macro level, the German “Zukunftsinstitut” (which translates to “Future Institute”) has published the Home Report 2023: a forecast for the living spaces of tomorrow. Our article offers an overview of the report’s most important – and most interesting – findings.

1. Radical materials: design meets sustainability  

There’s no question that protecting our environment remains a key issue as we head into a new year. This was clearly visible at the international trade fair Light + Building Autumn Edition 2022, where numerous exhibitors showcased designs made from eco-friendly materials. Zero-waste production methods and avoiding plastic are no longer considered optional or “nice-to-have”, but rather the mandatory standard. One interior trend for 2023 we found particularly inspiring: furniture and decor that consists solely of natural, biodegradable resources. Italian manufacturer Krill Design, for example, used discarded orange peels to construct the 3d-printed lamp “Ohmie”.

In the Future Institute’s Home Report, efforts like these are grouped together under the umbrella term “Radical Materials” – radical in the sense that they leave no room for compromises when it comes to preserving our planet.  

Lampe "Ohmie"
Would you have guessed that this modern lamp design was made from orange peels? Source: Krill Design

2. Upcycling, recycling, sharing – all for the “Re-loved Revolution”

With the growing demand for sustainable alternatives, experts anticipate another eco-conscious interior design trend in 2023. Moving away from “fast furniture“ and short-lived products, we will see more and more solutions that are part of a circular system. This includes not only recycling and upcycling – it also extends to lending, exchanging, or even renting second-hand furniture pieces. The Future Institute calls the new sharing economy a „Re-loved Revolution“.  

Wohntrends und Bautrends
With some clever upcycling tricks, "old" furniture pieces will look as good as new – or even better. Source: Getty Images

Interior trends and changing values

One thing’s for sure: the modern world will keep changing rapidly, both in public and in private spheres. To balance out this sense of upheaval, our value system shifts more and more toward a simple, balanced way of life. People are seeking out and creating spaces where they can escape the stress caused by overstimulation and mass consumption. The predicted interior trends for 2023 reflect our growing need for calm and stability: future homes have to be smart and stylish, but also energy-efficient and in tune with nature. We’re excited to see how designers and architects will meet these challenges – and how we will benefit from their innovations.