Homestory interior Kati
Lush meadows, fresh air and lots of space all around: enter the beautifully appointed home of interior blogger Kati, where relaxation is the order of the day.

Kati is 31 years old and lives on the outskirts of the Ruhr area. She describes herself as a real country bumpkin who wanted to move to the big city. Nothing came of it, instead she has fulfilled her dream of owning her own house in grandma's garden. Being self-employed, she works a lot and the peace and quiet of the countryside and her garden have become her personal place of relaxation. We are thrilled with Kati's dream house and asked her for an interview.

Homestory interior Kati
The cozy and equally stylish garden furniture invites you to relax. Source: Interior by Kati

G-Pulse editorial team: You are known as interior_by_kati on Instagram, where you show your followers your stylishly decorated home. What prompted you to give other people a glimpse inside? 

Modern and cozy: bright colors and warm light create a perfect feel-good ambience. Source: Interior by Kati

Kati: I built my house with my then partner in 2016 and wanted to keep a permanent record of this exciting phase as a kind of construction diary for myself on Instagram. It suddenly caught the interest of a lot of people – which was not something I planned – and I’ve been sharing new sources of inspiration about my house and garden ever since. When I’m not moving all my furniture around, I really like to travel, and also enjoy horse riding.  

G-Pulse editorial team: When we look at your home, we see light tones, linear surfaces and a subtle mix of colours. How would you describe your interior design style? 

Kati: That’s an accurate summary. I would describe my style as modern, clean, timeless and yet homely. 

G-Pulse editorial team: Your home is decorated with great attention to detail. Which room is your absolute favourite and why?  

Kati: My favourite room is my open-plan kitchen, where we laugh, enjoy great food, but also have serious conversations. It’s simply the hub of the home, the place where real life happens. 

Homestory interior Kati
Thanks to its details, the coffee table is a perfect complement to the plain couch. Source: Interior by Kati
Homestory interior Kati
The spacious eat-in kitchen not only invites you to feast, but is also a feel-good oasis for the whole family. Source: Interior by Kati

G-Pulse editorial team: You also left nothing to chance when it came to the technical details and chose Gira. Which Gira products have been installed in your home and why?

Kati: At the time, I opted for a simple electrical installation with a few highlights. For example, a video intercom, USB sockets and integrated radios. Visually, the Gira glass frames are my personal favorite. 

Homestory interior Kati
The mirror-look side table is an extravagant eye-catcher next to any bed. Source: Interior by Kati
Homestory interior Kati
The Gira glass frames combine functionality with aesthetics, making them stand out in a discreet way. Source: Interior by Kati

G-Pulse editorial team: Are there any Gira products that you would still like to have or are intending to acquire, and if so, why? 

Kati: I still secretly dream of a Smart Home system in my house. For a long time, I thought this system was unnecessary and gimmicky. Now I think it’s practical to be able to control lights and shutters from my mobile phone. 

Homestory interior Kati
Homestory interior Kati

With the right outdoor garden furniture, it also feels homey in the backyard. Source: Interior by Kati

G-Pulse editorial team: Everyone is talking about sustainability at the moment. What is your opinion on this issue and how are you integrating it into your everyday life?

Kati: I try to produce as little waste as possible, so I buy my fruit, vegetables and meat from a farmer just around the corner. 

G-Pulse editorial team: Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions dear Kati. We are already very curious about your first impressions of your new projects.