Chrome – beaming highlights

From lamps to light switches.

Chrome creates refined accents in all sorts of living spaces. With its clear, sparkling aesthetics, the material forms an essential part of the Gira design lines.

Robust and elegant.

Chrome was first fabricated in 1978 and named after the colourful salts it contains: in Old Greek, “chromo“ means “colour“. Today, the material is mainly used for corrosion- and heat-resistant alloys. Interior designers tend to opt for chrome because of its shiny, reflective surface.

The clear surface of Gira Esprit switches with chrome frames has an elegant appeal.

Versatile material for industrial and interior designs.

Chrome is chemically extracted from chromite, a raw material which occurs in the earth’s crust at low depth. The end result serves as an alloy for steel and synthetics, or a decorative plating on furniture and accessories. Within the Gira product range, chrome variants are available for switches from the Gira Esprit design line.

A protective shield built on metal.

Chrome is a true all-rounder: materials with a chrome finish prove particularly resistant to corrosion and heat. Gira frame variants therfore rank high in terms of durability.

Chrome for light swicthes – a unique look and feel.

At home, the material impresses with a silvery white, reflective colour that creates eye-catching effects against the light. The immaculate surface has a smoothness which feels pleasantly cool to the touch. Gira switches framed in chrome complement modern and luxurious spaces perfectly.    

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