Herbstfarben 2022 wunderschönes braunes Sofa Hero
When the leaves turn yellow and the air starts feeling chilly, it’s time to get cosy again – with lots of pumpkin recipes, evenings by the fireplace, and maybe a new look for your interior? In case you could use some inspiration, here’s a rundown of the colours trending in autumn 2022.

After the end of summer, we need more than good heating to stay warm inside: an aesthetically pleasing interior can do wonders for our mood, especially on gloomy days. Last year, designers gravitated toward light, neutral tones. In autumn 2022, the colour palette is a lot richer in contrasts: natural pastels are complemented by dark, strong shades that add depth and elegance to any room.  

1. Bold colours for bold statements

The blue Pond Chair from Broste Copenhagen makes for an eye-catching centre piece in every season. Source: Broste Copenhagen

What do you envision when you close your eyes and think of autumn – probably something orange or brown? This would be the case for most of us, as fallen leaves are usually what comes to mind first. But if we look closely, there’s a lot more to discover – like the radiant blue of a cloudless sky in late September, for example.

This image has inspired the main colour trend for autumn 2022: combined with beige or earthy red, strong blue shades bring together warmth and coolness.

2. Muted colours with sparkling accents

Keeping it “cool” is not the only way to give your home a seasonal touch this year. In autumn 2022, subtle colours such as rosé and creamy white go hand in hand with rich berry tones and splashes of vintage gold: the perfect fusion for anybody who loves interior that feels both elegant and homely. Earthy shades, e.g. auburn or bordeaux, work particularly well as a backdrop for mid-century modern decor.

Set against a neutral background, furniture in dark colours create an intriguing play of contrasts. Source: Broste Copenhagen

Looking for unusual accessories to round off your autumnal colour scheme in 2022? Switches from the Gira Esprit design line can turn any wall into a visual highlight. With high-quality materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, or bronze (PVD), they accentuate a variety of interior styles – from modern minimalism to vintage luxury.   

3. Pastel tones to brighten the mood

When the weather stays cold and rainy for weeks on end, it can be hard to keep our spirits up. But no worries: the trending colours for autumn 2022 already give away a hint of spring. Apart from blue and red, contemporary designers now opt for pastel hues along with natural decor – like twigs and leaves you collected during a walk through the forest. There’s plenty of room for creativity, too: you can combine different fabrics and wooden elements or use candles and lighting chains to set the mood at night.  

Herbstfarben 2022 Story Pinboard Muuto
Accessories based on natural materials – such as the Story Pinboard from Muuto – give your home a warm, inviting appeal. Source: Muuto
Herbstfarben 2022 Kink Vase Muuto
The Kink vase in Dusty Lilac blends in seamlessly with the pastel colours trending in autumn of 2022. Source: Muuto

Want to make sure that your switches and socket outlets match your autumnal interior? A timeless design line such as Gira E2 in grey matt will never go out of style – no matter which season. With clear lines, classic colours, and durable materials, it has been a staple in modern homes for more than 20 years.