Houses that have lived through several generations can tell us many stories – often with unexpected twists and turns. At a historic residence in the Netherlands, these stories are enriched by various modern elements. With a carefully crafted design and clever technology, the building now meets highest comfort standards.

A spacious home with a huge garden and idyllic surroundings: that’s exactly how we would describe this gem in the Dutch region of Noord-Brabant. But before the lucky heir could move into his parents’ property, he had to overcome a lot of obstacles: originally constructed in the 1930s, the building needed an extensive makeover.

Referenz Van Heugten Erbstück im Wandel Collage Anwesen
Family history in contemporary design: this Dutch residence has received a complete makeover. Source: The Art of Living / Jaro van Meerten

Across generations: classic architecture with fresh accents

The new owners leaned on B-covered for professional support during their modernisation project. Located in Eindhoven, the architectural office is known for its innovative interior concepts. Their team took on the challenge of turning a nearly century-old house into a contemporary home. This transformation already becomes visible at the grand entrance, from where a staircase leads up to the first floor. Black-and-white floor tiles, grey-green walls, and dark doors add a touch of edgy elegance – without diminishing the building’s classical character. The combination of traditional and new, at times surprising elements creates a dynamic atmosphere. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, the designers of B-covered also aimed for practical upgrades: they set up a second entrance at the backside which allows residents to step directly into the picturesque garden.

Referenz Van Heugten Erbstück im Wandel Wohnzimmer Wandschrank
With a mix of carefully selected accessories, there’s a lot to discover at the newly renovated mansion. Source: The Art of Living / Jaro van Meerten

More space to tell old stories – and write new ones

The transition from indoors to outdoors is a visual highlight in itself: the small existing windows were replaced by floor-to-ceiling glass facades that fill the room with plenty of light. B-covered also put a lot of effort into rethinking the floor plan. The previously separated kitchen and living room were joined into an open communal space. Here, all family members can gather to cook, eat, and enjoy some quality time together.

Timeless eye-catchers: design with a love for detail

There’s one piece that the proud owners are especially fond of: a huge shelf unit with two steel doors, accentuated by a floral wallpaper and a cleverly positioned spotlight. Warm wood, natural stone, and earthy colours underscore the cosy ambience throughout the entire house. On the mostly bright walls, Gira E2 switches and socket outlets with anthracite frames create an intriguing play of contrasts.


At the front door, residents can use the Gira video home station Plus to see who‘s ringing their bell or talk to visitors before letting them in. 

To round off their interior concept, the owners took inspiration from designer Trudy Heerkens. She brought in a variety of accessories – including candles, cushions, plaids, vases, and artistic flower arrangements – that gave every room a personal, homely note

Bedroom with a view – and a hint of luxury  

Hidden inside a side wing on the upper floor, the master bedroom is nothing short of stunning: large bay windows greet the residents with an unobstructed view onto the garden from the very moment they wake up in the morning. Apart from freshly painted furniture and renewed flooring, the bedroom offers several other perks – including a walk-in closet and a sauna.

Referenz Van Heugten Erbstück im Wandel Collage Sauna
Spot on: the bathroom stuns with a mesmerising play of light. Source: The Art of Living / Jaro van Meerten
Soft pastel shades of blue and grey create a sense of calm and harmony. Source: The Art of Living / Jaro van Meerten

A wellness oasis for the whole family

The mansion has two bathrooms which were both completely remodelled. To that end, the owners opted for customised furnishings from the Dutch company Van Heugten. With night-blue hexagon tiles, alongside coppery fittings and basins, the interior feels as exclusive as a wellness spa. Another creative highlight: the black bathtub that was revarnished with a special type of car paint.  

The second bathroom is just what you would expect at a five-star resort: high-gloss tiles in fishbone pattern on the walls, sparkling white furniture pieces, and seamless ceramic tiles on the floor. In the shower cabin, you’ll find a charming hint at the house’s long history: residents can choose between different settings using a control unit that looks like a vintage radio. Thus, the owners have found yet another way to showcase their characteristic fusion of old and new.