Gira System 55 through the ages: milestones of a modular system

Gira System 55 through the ages: milestones of a modular system

The success story of Gira System 55 began in the 1960s. Today, it still impresses customers with its great versatility: there are countless options to mix and match different design lines.

With uniform dimensions (55x55 millimtres), a number of Gira design lines can be combined into the large modular system. This opens a wide spectrum of design options.

The foundation stone of this simple yet ingenious concept was lain by Gira as early as 1960. In 1998, the result was Gira System 55 which is known to this day.

Any frame/insert combination is possible thanks to uniform dimensions.

1960: The Giersiepen "construction kit" sets new standards.

The idea of a “construction kit” for switches comes with the Giersiepen Modular System, where it is put into practice for the first time – the original version of the current Gira System 55.

This includes rectangular rockers, push buttons and light signal covers with uniform dimensions. For the first time, customised combinations of individual components is made possible thanks to compatibility with inserts and cover plates.

Rocker switches, push buttons and frames can be combined and customised with the first modular range from Gira.

1960: Uniform parts are a major advantage for customers, trade and industry.

There are obvious advantages to this new type of modular system. The original range of 165 specific switch types has now gone down to 35 individual type parts. These can be combined with one another as required. It is now possible to combine completely different solutions and functions into a single design. For customers, this means adapting their switches to their own requirements.

Trade and industry also benefit from the Giersiepen modular system. Since more parts fit to a uniform standard, the costs of warehousing and production are significantly reduced.

Firmenlogo Gira neben weißen Schalterprogrammen
The Giersiepen modular program from 1960 consists of uniform individual parts that can be freely combined with one another.

1998: Gira switch innovation, thanks to inspiration from the automobile industry.

At the end of the 1990s, Gira presents their switch “platform strategy” for indoor and outdoor applications. This unique platform strategy originates from the automotive industry, where various types of vehicle are implemented thanks to the use of basic, uniform modules.

With vehicle manufacture as their model, Gira adopts the platform strategy. This makes them the first company to establish an innovative and sustainable platform strategy for switches.

Gira finally presents this strategy at the Industrial Trade Fair in Hannover in 1998. It starts with a platform strategy that consists of the Gira E2 and Gira Event design lines in pure white and anthracite.

Uniform dimensions of these two design lines mean that a whole range of possible combinations is now possible. This includes a whole host of different design variations.

The year 2000 sees the design lines Standard 55 and Esprit expand the scope of their platform strategy. This means new colours and designs.

Gira System 55 Schema
In 2000, Gira System 55 included four design lines with over 120 functions.

Today: A construction kit for individualists.

The platform concept known as Gira System 55 now includes around 300 different functions. It can be combined with various colours, shapes and surface variants. This enables customers to assemble switch solutions based on their own tastes, adapting them to their interior furnishing style. And of course, exchange them if desired.