The Last Dance

The Last Dance

Casa Decor in Madrid is more than an exhibition - it is a total work of art. Also at the 57th edition of the event, designers, architects and companies were each able to design a room in a new, special building. The result is always a firework display of new ideas and upcoming trends in interior design, architecture and design. This time under the overriding theme of "sustainability".

Interior Design

The Room Studio


The Room Studio


Madrid, Spain

An appropriate setting

This year, the Salamanca district was once again the venue. This year's "Casa" was "Goya 89", a residential building from 1920 with an upper middle-class layout. Here, Meritxell Ribé and Josep Puigdomènech from the interior design firm The Room Studio from Barcelona realised a space that they understood more as an "environment" - a hybrid area that can be a cocktail bar, showroom or living room. Their name: "The last Dance.

Organic shapes, natural materials - and unconditional style. (Photo: The Room Studio)

Maximum flexibility, absolutely sustainable

The basic idea was to create a multi-functional space that becomes a stage, entirely according to the ideas of its users and visitors. In keeping with this year's motto, it was furnished with natural materials. Floors made of natural stone such as the Spanish Campaspero limestone and wall cladding made of pigmented clay mortar as well as naturally stained chestnut wood are used. The most important piece of furniture is - depending on your preference - a bar or a reception counter, but in any case handmade from Italian Calacatta Viola marble. With its unique textures and surfaces, this jewel forms a dignified entrance accompanied by a 170-centimetre-long lamp made of Japanese paper.   

Carefully composed: From the delicate wall relief in clay mortar to the expressive marble counter. (Photo: The Room Studio)

Staging is everything

But in addition to the well-thought-out choice of colors in earthy pastel and wood tones as well as the fine materials, there is another crucial component to "The last Dance": lighting, which enables the creation of different moods. A scene control based on a Gira KNX system helps here. A Gira G1 multi-touch display enables the programming and operation of light scenarios, adapted to the room usage and other factors such as times of day or simply the wishes of the users. A Gira KNX push button sensor 4 in matt black is also used, and the socket outlets come from the Gira E2 design line and are also in matt black. The result at this year's Casa Decor was an exciting and stirring overall impression - an invitation to dance the dance until the morning.     

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