The headquarters of sound

The headquarters of sound

Following in the footsteps of David Bowie and Iggy Pop, the Sony Music Group came to Berlin-Schöneberg in search of new European headquarters – and found what they were looking for on the former Commerzbank site. At the corner of Bülowstrasse and Steinmetzstrasse, the architectural firm Gewers Pudewill developed an elegant new building at the edge of the block that asserts itself with a rounded edge at the street corner. With floor-to-ceiling glazing, lateral staggering and large roof terraces, the building offers ideal working conditions.


Gewers Pudewill

Interior architecture

studio karhard

Photography exterior

Philipp Winter

Photography interior

Stefan Wolf Lucks


Berlin, Germany

Interior spaces from the eighties to Berghain

The interior design was the responsibility of studio karhard, who have made a name for themselves in the music and club scene, for example as designers of the legendary Berghain. Their approach was to create a place with performance, presentation and production options as a basis for harnessing creative potential. To achieve this, they designed a look influenced by the glamour of the eighties, with lots of steel, glass and glitter, for example in stainless steel mosaics or plant islands.

A journey back in time to the world of glamour: the main thing is that it sparkles (photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks).

Cool chic and cosy corners

The variety of materials is just as surprising as the frequent alternation between coolness and the plush factor. On the one hand, there is bare exposed concrete, reduced furnishing and minimalist lighting but, on the other hand, there are recording studios like cosy caves with a velvety feel, and the white room, which includes a music box with a cuddly sofa for ten people. Of course, there are also all the functional rooms that a world entertainment corporation needs, from the conference centre and press room to the darkroom, which the Berghain makers have designed completely in midnight blue. 

Headquarter Sony Music Group: Kühle Eleganz im Foyer und Weichheit im White Room mit Riesensofa.
Cool elegance in the foyer and softness in the white room with a giant sofa (photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks).

Thoughtful design down to the smallest detail

In the same way as the respective floors and areas of the various Sony Music labels were given their own specific design, no two meeting rooms or studios are alike. Concrete or linoleum tables, printed curtains or brightly coloured seating – there is plenty of room for artistic freedom here, but at the same time there are the best technical conditions. This spirit of the house is also underlined by the switches of the Gira Studio AP design line, i.e. the surface-mounted version made of high-quality glass and shatter-proof thermoplastic: stylish but also state-of-the-art.

Headquarter Sony Music Group: Vom Meetingraum bis zur Teeküche.
From the meeting room to the kitchenette: high quality is the order of the day (photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks).

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