Architekturbüro Monovolumen, Italien

Revitalisation on many levels

Revitalisation on many levels

From an inconspicuous commercial property on Via Cavour in the northern Italian city of Bolzano, the architecture firm, Monovolume, has created an exhilarating work environment – with many platforms, stairs, bridges and a mixture of industrial charm and minimalist chic.


monovolume architecture + design


monovolume architecture + design


Bolzano, Italy

Letting the light in.

Originally consisting of a 140 m2 basement and a ground floor of the same size, with windows only at the front, the main problem with the existing spaces was the lighting. The planners solved this by completely removing the concrete suspended ceiling and instead inserting a steel girder structure with different levels connected to create an exciting web-like design. This does away with the traditional concept of storeys and channels daylight directly into all of the areas through the enlarged window at the front.

Monovolumen Italien Innenraum
Different levels – connected by stairs and bridges – characterise the open work environment. (Photo: monovolume)

Open work environment.

The newly created layout, with its various levels and recesses, offers glimpses of both the inside and outside and boasts meeting rooms, open work areas, a waiting area and a large communal area. In terms of design, the architects combined light-coloured floors, many transparent glass walls and light-coloured wooden ceilings with individual structural accents, such as the old remnants of concrete beams painted in dark colours, and surface-mounted electrical installations.

Monovolumen Italien, Gira Studio Aufputz
Fits together: Gira Studio surface-mounted switch on concrete. (Photo: monovolume)

Contemporary building services.

Energy efficiency was also a top priority: the office is ‘KlimaHaus R’-certified. This is ensured, among other things, by the integration of all building service functions, such as heating and air conditioning, electricity and lighting, which are operated by a smart control system. The elegant switches from the Gira Studio surface-mounted series and the System 106 for door communication tie in with this. The result is a convincing revitalisation in the heart of the city.

Monovolumen, Italien, Innenraum
Consistently minimal elegance on all levels. (Photo: monovolume)
Installed Gira Products

Gira Studio

Stand out. Dare to try something new. Combine classic and avant-garde elements: The Gira Studio design line adds a modern edge to many different interior styles. With this line, Gira has once again created an innovative concept that emphasises aesthetics as much as functionality. Square and round. Black in black, white in white, or maybe a contrast of black and white? It's up to you to set the tone at your home. As a surface-mounted variant, the Gira Studio design line often serves as a visual highlight on walls in loft apartments.


Gira System 106

With the modular Gira System 106, door intercom systems can be individually configured, visually adapted to any exterior front or used as a design highlight. As a counterpart to the Gira indoor stations, it offers all required functions such as a doorbell, camera, name plate and house number on the outside of the front door. Robust materials and modern technologies ensure convenience and safety. An additional benefit is the compatibility with all Gira home stations and door communication solutions.

Gira Tastsensor 3 E3 blaugrau anthrazit

Gira KNX Pushbutton Sensor 3

Controlling lighting and blinds, regulating the room temperature, or storing and calling up complete mood scenes consisting of light, blinds and music – with the Gira KNX pushbutton sensor 3 you can conveniently control a multitude of functions at the push of a button.

Gira Studio Aufputz Schwarz

The Gira Surface-Mounted Design Lines

The Gira surface-mounted design lines [Gira Studio](, [Standard 55]( and [Profile 55]( are ideal for rooms where you can’t or don’t want to open up the walls. And the best part is that these design lines can be installed on the walls by your professional electrician.

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