Out of time

Out of time

A special type of exhibition: the Casa Decor has taken place in Madrid now for the 55th time. In different buildings – which are exciting in their own right – architects and companies were able to design a complete room of their own to show and interpret new trends in interior design, architecture and general design.

Interior architecture

The Studio Room



The Studio Room



Madrid, Spain

Extraordinary space in a special building

In the heart of the Salamanca district, an urban palace from 1904 was the setting in which the interior design firm The Room Studio from Barcelona designed what was perhaps the most spectacular of the 67 rooms. Here, the two architects Meritxell Ribé and Josep Puigdomènech developed a hotel suite that combines an opulent design with smart building technology and thus also great efficiency.

Mirrored surfaces and atmospheric lighting dissolve spatial boundaries (photo: The Room Studio).

Oak floor meets dark marble

The room consists of a living/sleeping area with a central double bed set in the middle of the room, an open dressing area and a comfortable sofa, as well as a high-quality oak floor. The entrance area and the adjoining semi-open bathroom with luxurious dark Turquia marble stand out here, which gives the floor a special feel. Other dominant materials include walnut wall panelling, large-format mirrors, fluted glass elements and brass highlights, all of which contribute to a natural, warm ambience – and elegance that seems to have fallen out of time.

Natural hues and materials complemented by precisely positioned light elements (photo: The Room Studio).

Reversibly built, efficiently supplied

Just as important to the architects as the strikingly elegant design was the maximum sustainability of their project. Thus, the entire room was able to be completely deconstructed at the end of the Casa Decor, and all building materials were able to be reused. And Gira ensured that the control was as intelligent as it was economical, for example with the G1 touch screen operating device, supplemented by the Plug & Light light socket outlet, the pushbutton sensor 3 and the USB power supply from the Gira E2 black matt design line.

Free-standing and yet pleasantly integrated into the room: bed with glass enclosure (photo: The Room Studio)

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