Gira Door Station

Know what to expect – the Gira door station.

The Gira door station makes your front door a real eye-catcher.

Manufactured from shatterproof, UV-resistant materials and in the Gira TX_44 design line, the Gira door station is perfectly equipped for your outdoor area. No matter whether as surface-mounted or flush-mounted version. The basic equipment includes a speaker, microphone and doorbell. By integrating a colour camera, you can also see who is at the door.

Product Features

Due to its splash-proof design (IP44), the product is suitable for basements, damp rooms and outdoor areas.

This product is suitable for retrofitting.

This product can be controlled with an app via smartphone or tablet.

This product can be networked with other products.

The product can be engraved with the Gira inscription service.

Gira System 106 am Gartentor
Surface-mounted door station video, pure white

The Gira door station is equipped with a hands-free device which automatically recognises whether someone is talking indoors at the intercom system or outside. The hands-free device works via voice operated exchange which automatically activates the microphone where the level is strongest. If the line is blocked by very loud background noise in front of the door, the microphone inside can also be activated manually by pressing a button so that your visitor at the door can definitely hear you. The door station is available with 1-gang or 3-gang call buttons and can be extended to include further call buttons. If you only need dual assignment, the third button can be optionally provided with a cover or used for an additional function, for example as a light switch. The name tags can be easily exchanged without opening the cover frame. Power-saving and durable LEDs provide backlighting for the buttons in white or blue. The Gira inscription service offers you a high-quality appearance of your door station according to your requirements. Find out more about this via

Gira türstation freigestellt groß
Surface-mounted door station video, colour aluminium

A great impression even at the door.

Simple and stylish, in a pleasant and modern aluminium front: With Gira, the door intercom system becomes a business card – with your good name. Regardless of whether it is used on individual houses or apartment buildings.

Gira Türstation Außen
Surface-mounted door station video, colour aluminium

Compatible Products

Tuersprechanlage Gira Wohnungsstation-165x176

Gira Home Station

See who's at the door, before you open it.

Gira G1 auf dunklem Hintergrund

Gira G1 Control Unit

With corresponding accessories, the Gira G1 can be integrated into a Gira Door Intercom System.