Better safe than sorry: how to install smoke alarm devices

Better safe than sorry: how to install smoke alarm devices

Gira smoke detectors protect every room in your home against outbreaks of fire. We show you how they are installed correctly.

  • You can easily integrate the Gira Dual Q into your smart home.
  • With its glossy white surface, Gira Basic Q blends in beautifully with your interior design.

Fires are insidious: it’s not even the fire itself that causes death, but the smoke. Even worse, our sense of smell doesn’t work when we’re asleep, so a fire is often a nasty surprise. Fortunately, smoke detectors are designed to detect smoke particles reliably and quickly. Depending on the country, the law may even dictate that you have at least one smoke detector in your home. Whether required or not, having one in your home could mean the difference between life or death.

Laws governing the placement of smoke detectors.

Legal requirements of where you should install your smoke detector of course depend on where you live. The same can be said for whether having one in your home is mandatory. For example, in the UK ever building must have at least one smoke detector per storey. In the USA, however, the laws can vary widely and often come down to which state you live in. Legal guidelines surrounding their proper installation and maintenance can also vary.

How many smoke detectors should I have?

For a standard home, we’d recommend about nine. If you live in a property of up to 60 square meters, you should always have a smoke detector in the bedrooms and the hallway. If your rooms are somewhat larger, or you live on several floors, it is recommended that you install up to two smoke detectors in each room.

Where should I put my smoke detectors?

To optimally reduce the risk of fire, you should install your smoke detector(s) correctly. Fire safety experts recommend placing detectors in the middle of the room, with a minimum distance of 50 cm from the nearest wall. It is vital that the smoke slots on the device’s outer shell aren’t contaminated or covered. Smoke always rises to the top, so this ensures reliable and quick detection.

Do you live in a small loft or attic apartment? Do you have to be economical with the space you have? To prevent the sloped ceiling becoming a major obstacle, your smoke detector should be mounted at a distance of 30 to 50 cm from the top of the roof. That way, the device can quickly and easily detect rising fumes and still sit comfortably against the wall.

Installing smoke detectors properly in the kitchen and bathroom.

Speaking of fumes, what about installing a smoke detector in the kitchen and bathroom? Won’t water vapour hinder their ability to detect? With the Gira Basic Q and Gira Dual Q smoke detectors, this isn’t the case. Simply install them at least a distance of two meters from the stove or shower. You can quickly and easily mount them with screws, dowels and a standard screwdriver.

Durable fire protection with increased protection against false alarms: The Gira smoke detector Basic Q.

Gira Basic Q provides everything you need in a smoke detector: 10 years battery life, protection against false alarms and an optical/visual alarm display. With a glossy white surface, it even blends harmoniously with your interior design. Using a scattered light principle, it can detect smoke development at an early stage. This is done by constantly emitting light signals. The built-in diode immediately detects irregularities in the air during the event of a fire. This triggers the fire alarm.

Gira Rauchwarnmelder Basic Q, Farbe Reinweiß
Detects smoke particles in the air reliably and quickly: the Gira Basic Q.

Smoke detectors do not prevent fires. What they do is inform you immediately when smoke particles begin to develop. That’s why they are a legal requirement in so many countries. Yet whether mandatory or not, having a fire alarm in your home can very well mean the difference between life and death. Gira fire alarms don’t just protect you either: they are incredibly stylish and fit in with a range of interior design styles. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask a specialist partner near you. They will be more than happy to help you properly install your smoke alarm.