Gira smoke alarm devices

Gira smoke alarm devices.

The highest standard of quality for the highest level of protection.

Smoke alarm devices are an essential additon to any home. And rightly so, since a reliable and timely warning of fire and the gases it creates can save lives. When it’s a matter of life and death, it’s important not to compromise on quality. Gira’s Basic Q, Dual Q smoke alarm devices and wireless smoke alarm devices are produced to the highest standards. The “Q” label stands for certified quality, a long service life and a reduction in deceptive alarms, combined with increased stability against external factors. The photoelectric scattered light principle also helps to boost safety: The devices measure the density of fine smoke particles and trigger an alarm as soon as the threshold value is exceeded. Another advantage: The battery will last up to 10 years, until the smoke alarm device must be replaced by law.

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Gira Smoke Alarm Device Dual Q, colour pure white glossy.

The foundations of safety: The Basic Q smoke alarm device

The Basic Q smoke alarm device operates on the scattered light principle and responds immediately if dangerous levels of smoke develop, notifying you of fire with a loud pulsing alarm tone (85 dB) and a red LED ring. Simple and effective. But the Gira Basic Q smoke alarm device is not only functional: It’s also attractive, with an understated design that will fit into any interior. With all of these advantages on board, this device makes it easier for you to make your entire home a safer place to be.

Dual detection, twice as safe: Dual Q smoke alarm device

Gira’s new Dual Q smoke alarm device is equipped with two detection processes, making it an even safer option. This device detects the smallest smoke particles using optical and sensor technology, with heat sensors identifying any changes in temperature in the room. In this way various types of fires, such as liquid fire, can be registered more rapidly and reliably identified. Looking for a smoke alarm device that doesn’t get distracted by cooking fumes, dust or electronic interference? The Gira Dual Q smoke alarm device is the perfect choice.