From rubber factory to contemporary loft apartment: a new industrial-style living space

From rubber factory to contemporary loft apartment: a new industrial-style living space

Leaving a run-of-the-mill home to go and live in a contemporary loft apartment is quite a radical lifestyle change. But a former factory building in the district of Nippes in Cologne inspired one visionary property owner to do exactly that. On their client’s behalf, the architects at DIIP transformed this former manufacturing building into an inviting and minimalist living space – while preserving its industrial charm. The timeless, original aesthetic of the Gira E2 design line serves as the perfect finishing touch to the interior.

170 square metres of personalised space.

When DIIP’s client decided to transform this former rubber factory into a home back in 2016, she left the confines of traditional residential property behind – opting instead for a completely customised living space. The tailor-made conversion of the 170-square-metre loft reflects the owner’s desire for large open-plan spaces while also providing all-important spots for retreat and relaxation.

The revised living concept divides the loft into three zones: A spacious living and dining area, a bedroom area with an open-plan shower room, and a guest and relaxation area for everyday life and work. The original Gira E2 design line acts as a common thread through the zones, accompanying the owner as she moves around the home.

Industrial style and an eye for detail: the original Gira E2 design line adds timeless elegance to the walls.

The uncomplicated and minimalist style of this Cologne loft, with its distinct surfaces and bold contrasts, shapes the industrial character of the space. The concept is the perfect backdrop for the clearly defined shapes of the Gira E2 design line. “The Gira E2 design line is streamlined and timeless. It represents pure function, so the person looking at it or using it does not question its role in the design concept,” explains architect Jochen Reetz, who opted for black matt switches and socket outlets from the Gira E2 design line throughout the apartment.

Gira E2 Schalter in Schwarz
Sleek, functional, elegant: The Gira E2 design line in black matt is the perfect match for the loft’s interior style.

Contemporary and seamless aesthetic.

In addition to the colours and shapes, the materials selected for this Cologne loft also add to the authenticity of its industrial character. In the living and dining area, steel, wired glass and Beton Ciré concrete create a seamlessly co-ordinated look. To keep things neat and tidy, the owner has a generous amount of cupboard space distributed around the large kitchen island.

Dark accent features create bold contrasts in the rooms: The streamlined, square aesthetic of the Gira E2 design line blends in perfectly with the black window frames and black ceiling lights, without stealing the limelight from the rest of the interior.

Loft H Köln Küche
Materials such as steel and glass, combined with a concrete-effect finish, create a clear industrial aesthetic around the large work table in the living and dining area. (Source: Annika Feuss)

Industrial design: a sleek and cool interior.

Opposite the dining table and bathed in natural light, there is a small and cosy sitting area where the owner of the loft can relax, read or spend time with guests. The storage integrated into the walls allows her to keep the open-plan space tidy and uncluttered.

On the free wall, the black switches are an eye-catching contrasting feature in the four-metre-high space. The architect can explain why the sleek design of the Gira E2 works so well with the industrial style of the loft: “Contrast is always easier for us than complete co-ordination. It creates authentic and elegant accents”.

Loft H Köln Wohnzimmer Sofa
The original aesthetic of the Gira E2 design line creates elegant accents on the white wall. (Source: Annika Feuss)

A natural look with an industrial twist in the bedroom.

The bedroom features a unique combination of natural materials and industrial accents: White-washed Dinesen floorboards, light mosaic tiles and industrial-style furniture made from Douglas wood create a calming atmosphere where the owner can relax.

The industrial look is a little more subtle here than in the living and dining space: The sliding metal door to the adjacent bathroom, the black ceiling lights and the Gira E2 switches provide the only gentle reminders of the heritage of the space.

Loft H Köln - schwarze Schiebetür aus Metall
The dark metal sliding door brings an industrial feel to the bright and airy bedroom. (Source: Annika Feuss)

Distinctive switch designs underpin the industrial feel.

This Cologne loft provides its owner with 170 square metres of customised space for living, working and entertaining guests. The industrial style creates a modern look finished with elegant accents.

The loft is the perfect setting to showcase the versatility of the switch design line: The minimalist aesthetic works in every single zone in the apartment. And thanks to the robust plastic housing, the owner will be able to enjoy her Gira E2 switches for many years to come.

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