" " Two materials - one successful concept.

Linoleum-Plywood: Anti-bacterial and natural

Linoleum-Plywood: Anti-bacterial and natural

Two materials – one concept for success: Gira linoleum-plywood is made from sustainable raw materials.

  • Exceptionally long-lasting, resistant to oil and grease, easy to maintain. Hygienic thanks to anti-static and mild anti-bacterial properties
  • Untreated, slightly coarse and matte silk glossy surface, warm to the touch with a unique feel
  • Six colours to choose from in the Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood design line: anthracite, light grey, dark brown, light brown, red, and blue
Gira Esprit Linoleum-Multiplex, Blau, Tastschalter, reinweiß glänzend
Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood, blue colour, Gira pushbutton switch, pure white glossy colour

A stylish material mix

A stylish material mix. Linoleum-plywood is based on an innovative combination of two natural materials used in the Gira Esprit design line. In this design line, the quality of the finish and overall appearance is clear to see; the design is modern, sophisticated and yet timeless. Both linoleum and plywood are made from sustainable raw materials. They are robust, versatile and available in a range of colours. In the Esprit design line, the colour palette ranges from anthracite and light grey through to light and dark brown and red and blue.

Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood light brown; Gira pushbutton switch, pure white glossy colour

Plywood – the material

It's hard to imagine a contemporary interior without plywood; the material combines its outstanding properties with a streamlined, natural aesthetic like no other. Plywood has even been used in a number of design classics. In the Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood design line, Gira uses layers of cross-bonded birch plywood to produce a material with a total thickness of around 3.4 mm. This layered structure is robust and contrasts beautifully with the linoleum.

Gira Schalter, Reinweiß glänzend, Esprit, Linoleum-Multiplex Hellbraun
Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood light brown; Gira pushbutton switch, pure white glossy colour

Plywood – origins and properties

The frames used by Gira are made entirely of PEFC*-certified birch wood sourced from sustainably managed forests in Finland. Finland is known for its natural beauty, its vast and seemingly untouched forests and its unique climate, with harsh and extremely long Nordic winters. It is this climate that makes birch the perfect material for Gira plywood. The short growing season produces thin trees with evenly spaced age rings, which makes the wood robust with a sophisticated pattern.

*Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

Finnish birch, PEFC-certified, 5-times cross-bonded, 3.4 mm thick

Linoleum – the material

Linoleum has a positive environmental impact as virtually all of the raw materials used to make it are natural. The primary ingredients are linseed oil, natural resins, wood and limestone flour and coloured pigments. The natural material was discovered by chance as a result of observations made by British chemist Sir Frederick Walton (born 1834). He noticed that a pliable skin of dried linseed oil could form on the surface of paint pots. The idea was born and the end result was a material with outstanding properties, including a long life, natural ingredients and an elegant aesthetic. The material was so special that in the 1920s, it became a material of choice for prominent architects including Bruno Taut, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Walter Gropius. Their passion is shared by Gira, and reflected in the Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood design line. Untreated and with a slightly coarse surface, the frames offer a unique visual and haptic experience and are designed to complement your modern interior perfectly.

Furniture linoleum made from linseed oil, wood flour and stone flour

Linoleum – properties

There were plenty of reasons why famous architects were passionate about this material. Its long life and high level of resistance to oil and grease make it versatile and flexible. It is also anti-static and mildly anti-bacterial. Got kids in the house? Then linoleum is the perfect choice.

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