A fully furnished room, complete with automatic lighting and blinds, as well as a voice-controlled entertainment system: sounds like a five-star hotel? Not necessarily. Modern technology makes it possible to bring that kind of luxury even into the guest bedroom at your own house. In the following, we’ll introduce some devices and functions that will take your hosting skills to the next level.

Whenever you have friends or family staying over, you probably want to fulfil their every wish. So, what makes a perfect guestroom? A cosy bed, cabinets with enough storing space, and a tasteful interior, of course. But these are just the basics. For that extra bit of comfort, we recommend adding some smart features as well: Here are some ideas for guest bedrooms where visitors feel right at home.

Guest bedroom ideas for smart heating control

Imagine it’s Friday and you’re still at work. Out of the blue, you get a surprise call from a friend, asking if they can spend the weekend at your place. While you’re happy to host them, you won’t be home early enough to prepare anything.

No problem though, as you can monitor your home remotely via app: with a few swipes on your smartphone, you’ll make sure that the guest room is warmed up once your friend arrives. Smart heating control allows you to individually adjust the indoor temperatures in your entire house from anywhere – whether you’re lying on your couch, driving in your car, or sitting at the office.

Once your guest has settled in, they can decide for themselves how warm or cool their bedroom should be. With the Gira System 3000 room temperature controller mounted on the wall, all it takes are a few taps. An intuitive interface enables you to configure personalised schedules, determining how far the room cools down at night and when it starts warming up in the morning.

Guest bedroom ideas for smart lighting and blind control

You can make it equally easy for visitors to regulate the brightness in their room throughout the day. Apart from heating, Gira System 3000 also includes automated lighting and blinds. Hence another good idea to upgrade your guest bedroom: installing a smart touch top unit This device allows for highly precise adjustments via finger swipe. Whether you want the lights on, off, or dimmed, and the blinds raised, lowered, or somewhere in the middle – the system will swiftly grant your wish.

And thanks to the user-friendly set-up, your guests won’t need any technical know-how to monitor their smart bedroom.

By the way: Gira System 3000 is based on a wireless network which can be retrofitted in single rooms. If you are planning a new build, you may consider a wired KNX system to connect your entire Smart Home.

Guest bedroom ideas for smart entertainment

YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime: as a host, you can provide the full range of late-night programmes. A smart television will turn even the smallest spare bedrooms into a home theatre. After all, wo doesn’t enjoy watching another episode of their favourite TV show before going to sleep?

In case you need some ideas to give your guest bedroom’s interior an elegant touch, we’ve got another tip: "The Frame", an innovative design concept by Samsung, is a TV screen that looks like a traditional canvas.

In standby mode, it shows a series of paintings, bringing the sophisticated feel of an art gallery into any room.

Next to the cinematic experience, your guests will also love the benefits of a smart audio system. Our recommendation: a wireless sound bar such as Sonos Arc. With its sleek design, this bar fits perfectly into modern homes. Even better: it can be used as a loudspeaker for Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant and responds to voice commands.

In standby mode, the TV screen "The Frame" shows a slideshow of different artworks. Source: Samsung

More smart ideas: extra features for your guest bedroom

A charger that’s been left behind at home can easily ruin the best of holidays. Surely, your visitors won’t enjoy their stay when worrying about their smartphone’s battery dying anytime. But there’s a simple solution to this problem: besides regular socket outlets, just install a Gira USB power supply. This smart feature enables you to charge two mobile devices at once – no adapters needed.

First-time visitors might have trouble finding their way through the dark at night. In these cases, smart orientation lights will help them out. Shining downwards on the floor, they subtly illuminate hallways and staircases without a blending effect. An integrated sensor switches lights on and off automatically, depending on the time of day.

Don’t have a lot of extra space? Then it might be a good idea to use your guest bedroom as your home office, and vice-versa. This way, you can benefit from all the smart upgrades as well. To make the most of a small room, opt for multi-purpose furniture: a couch becomes a full-sized bed, while your desk serves as a dressing table when someone stays over.

In addition, room dividers help to split up the room into different living areas. Last but not least, don’t forget that the comfort’s in the detail: a few minor gestures can make a huge difference for your guests. A pair of slippers next to the bed, some snacks on the bedside table, a post-it with your WiFi access on the door – all these little surprises will leave a lasting impression.