Bioethanolkamin, Vauni, Globe
When the days get shorter and temperatures drop, it’s time to snuggle up inside – and make our homes as comfortable as possible. A fluffy sweater and a cup of hot tea or chocolate already go a long way – but there’s nothing quite like an open fire to keep us warm throughout the winter. Luckily, you don’t even need real wood or a chimney to enjoy that kind of rustic charm: modern bioethanol fireplaces will do the trick just as well.

Blazing flames, flickering lights, and a soft warmth slowly filling up room: if you think you can only experience this kind of ambience at a cabin retreat, think again! For those who don’t already have a chimney in their house (or don’t want to spend money on an expensive installation), bioethanol stoves offer a neat alternative. This article explains how they work and presents five options that combine practical features with unique aesthetics.   

Bioethanolkamin, Vauni, Globe
Bioethanol burners from Vauni generate a pleasant warmth – and are just as pleasant to look at. Source: Vauni

Benefits of a bioethanol-fuelled fireplace 

Ethanol is a combustible made from natural resources such as sugar beets, potatoes, or grains. During the production process, the sugar contained in those materials breaks down and turns into alcohol. The result: a liquid substance that burns on its own without leaving smoke, soot, or ash behind. Bioethanol fireplaces are therefore much easier to handle than traditional ones. You can place them virtually anywhere: in the middle of the room, next to the sofa, or even on a table. The heat thus created won’t suffice to regulate indoor temperatures entirely, but it will definitely keep you warm when you’re staying close enough.  

Safety first: the importance of smoke detectors 

Even if you don’t use actual coal or wood, burning something will always generate carbon dioxide and water. Hence, you should ensure that your home is properly ventilated and furthermore install smoke alarm devices at critical spots. The Gira Dual Q, for example, provides a double layer of protection: it reacts not only to smoke particles, but also to unusual changes of temperature. This way, the device can prevent the outbreak of liquid ethanol fires and alert you in due time before any damage is done.   

1. Spin by Höfats: whirling flames in portable form 

Want to impress your dinner guests with more than candles and flowers on the table? German company Höfats might just have what you’re looking for: a compact glass cylinder with a bioethanol fireplace inside. Distinguished by several design awards, the so-called Spin comes in four different colour variants (grey, black, silver, or gold) and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can carry it around and put it anywhere you see fit – on the balcony, in the garden, or the living room. Apart from the table model with a pedestal at the bottom, there’s also the option to set it up as a torch or a suspended lantern. The rotating flames will keep burning for around 60 minutes. 

Bioethanolkamin, Höfats
Fireworks on the dinner table? The “Spin“, a glass cylinder with bioethanol-fuelled flames inside, makes it possible. Source: Höfats GmbH

2. Bioethanol stove inserts by Planika: small size, great flexibility 

Planika, a manufacturer based in Poland, has come up with a particularly versatile solution: ethanol inserts which can even be integrated into a piece of furniture. This allows you to retrofit an installation that matches your existing interior perfectly. There are several models to choose from, depending on your budget and preferences: the FLA3 / FLA3+ bioethanol fireplace, for example, comes with features such as temperature sensors, wireless control, and an automated refuelling system. 

Bioethanolkamin, Planika
The bioethanol burners from Planika can easily be retrofitted according to your personal preferences. Source: Planika

3. Roll Fire by Conmoto: a moving spectacle 

German manufacturer Conmoto has taken the idea of flexible design one step further. As its name suggests, the Roll Fire is a bioethanol stove that can be moved freely around the room – even while burning. Developed by Michael Sieger, this innovative concept earned Conmoto a Good Design Award in 2010. The framework consists of two powder-coated rings with a felt cover to prevent signs of wear-and-tear on the floor. Integrated glass panes put the flickering flame at the centre on full display. With a capacity of one litre, the bioethanol-fuelled fire will last for up to three hours.  

Bioethanolkamin, Conmoto
Elegant form meets clever function: the “Roll Fire“ stove can be moved around freely. Source: Conmoto

4. Globe by Vauni: bioethanol fire in elegant design 

The team of Swedish brand Vauni develop high-quality alternatives for anyone who can’t install a traditional wood-burning stove at home. Their products are based on a concept that combines technological innovation and modern aesthetics. The most popular model is a free-standing, circular-shaped bioethanol fireplace with the fitting name “Globe”. Partially open, it has absorbing and anti-spilling functions to ensure high safety standards. For the insert around the burner, there are different finishes available: black cast iron or molded concrete in two colour variants (“Mystic Graphite” and “Mystic Sand”). The two-litre fuel tank will last for at least five hours – without generating smoke or soot, of course.  

An open fireplace in futuristic design: the Globe catches the eye from every angle. Source: Vauni

5. Cupola by Vauni: a highlight on your wall

Unmistakably related to the Globe fireplace, the “Cupola” has the same clean and distinctive shape, but differs in that it is wall-mounted. It's a real eye-catcher and as easy to install as a flat-screen TV! The timeless, clean design and compact size make this fireplace an ideal addition to any modern interior style. Like all Vauni fireplaces, the Cupola burns without any smoke, soot or ash, producing a cosy warmth. The flame size is infinitely adjustable to create a safe and easy fire without the need for a smoke flue, and the burning time is approximately 5 hours. The Cupola is available in the popular colours black and white. There is also a choice of five signature colours for an even more exclusive look.

Cupola Vauni bioethanol fireplace
Cupola Vauni bioethanol fireplace

Vauni's Cupola wall-mounted indoor fireplace is a real eye-catcher and brings cosy warmth to the living room. Source: Vauni

These modern bioethanol fireplaces are all similar in their technical construction, but each one offers a different and interesting design for a variety of uses. If you are looking for a fireplace without the hassle that normally comes with installing a classic fireplace, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Another benefit: the raw material bioethanol is sustainable in terms of CO2 emissions.