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Who doesn’t love a relaxed family barbecue or a dinner party with friends during warm summer nights? Even better when you can enjoy the weather while preparing the meals! We’ve got five garden kitchens that will transform your backyard into a culinary paradise – and a checklist to help you plan the installation.

Mixing cocktails, serving multi-course menus, washing dishes – with the right equipment, you can do all of that outside. If love to entertain guests in your garden, a kitchen setup for outdoors will surely take your hosting skills to the next level. There are many different solutions available, complete with customisable designs and smart features. To give you some inspiration, here are our top five picks.

5 kitchens that turn everyday barbecues into five-star events

The most important requirement for cooking in the open air is – of course – weatherproof equipment. Your garden kitchen has to withstand cold temperatures, UV radiation, and humidity. The surfaces and appliances should therefore be made from robust, durable materials such as stainless steel or aluminium. Another important aspect to consider: flexible functionality. Modular systems allow you to customise your installation according to your needs – from standard barbecues to spacious fridges and induction stoves.

1. OiCook: a garden kitchen for interior enthusiasts

Inspired by modern indoor kitchens, Spanish manufacturer Oiside has designed the OiCook collection. It consists of four modules: two for storage, one for the under sink, and one for the gas stove. You can then add several accessories, including a PITT gas burner, washing up sink, tap, and 132 Lt capacity fridge. There are two ways of installing the modular system: either as an outdoor kitchen island or attached to a wall.

To meet highest standards in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, the manufacturer relies on a mix of sustainable materials. Aluminium-based modules are complemented by panels and worktops made from a special type of scratchproof porcelain (MDI). The stainless-steel valve and the porcelain-stoneware sink prove particularly resistant against thermal and mechanical influences.

2. Belmento: minimalist garden kitchen with great functionality

If you like to keep things clean while cooking up a storm, outdoor BBQ kitchens from Belmento have got you covered. Apart from its modern-minimalist aesthetic, the setup offers everything you need for a spectacular dining experience. The counter is resistant against heat, scratching, UV radiation, and other climatic influences. You can choose between different grill installations for your garden kitchen – including a premium stainless-steel model from Californian manufacturer Bull BBQ, among others.

A well thought-out system of cupboards, shelves, and drawers makes it easy to stay organised while in action. The shelves can be used to store a so-called “beefer” (i.e. top-heat barbecue), for example.

Belmento has also integrated outdoor switches and socket outlets from the Gira TX_44 series. In line with the protection standard IP44, they remain unaffected by splashes of water, UV radiation, or strong mechanical impact.

3. Freiluftküche: garden kitchen in individual design

The German company Freiluftküche (which translates to “open-air kitchen”) offers customised solutions tailored to your personal needs. Thanks to extremely weatherproof materials, these installations don’t even have to be shielded from sunlight or rain. The basic construction is made from a special type of marine aluminium and complemented by oakwood shelves and granite surfaces. To create a unique look for your garden kitchen, you can choose from a wide array of colour variants. Other optional features include different barbecues along with water and lighting elements. You can even add a fireplace as an eye-catching centre piece.

4. Wesco: outdoor kitchen with smart appliances

“Invented in Mallorca, made in Germany” – that’s how the company Wesco describes its concept for customised garden kitchens. Top-piece or built-in grills, cupboards with swinging doors, wok and induction hobs, ceramic sinks, fridges: hardly any wish will be left unfulfilled. A special treat for fans of smart tech: the electric kitchen lift can be operated via app. With a single swipe, your dishes and utensils will magically disappear beneath the countertop. The installation is based on an aluminium frame and multiplex panelling inside. For the surfaces on the outside, Wesco offers a variety of colours and materials: classic white or grey, as well as marble, steel-, aor concrete-like optics.

5. Burnout: a modular outdoor kitchen for maximum flexibility

Cooking in the open air, 365 days a year? No problem, thanks to the innovative concept of a German manufacturer. Contrary to its name, the Burnout kitchen is designed to never “burn out”. The modular system not only comes with PVD-free, dirt-repellent, and waterproof materials – it can also be combined with grill installations from other manufacturers.

Single elements are not permanently attached to one another, which allows you to assemble your garden kitchen as you please. If it suddenly starts raining, for example, you can simply move the rollable and height-adjustable modules into the garage. An individually cut worktop made from natural stone adds an elegant touch to the wooden fronts.

How to plan a garden kitchen

1. Double-check with local authorities

Depending on where you live, you might need an official permit to build an outdoor kitchen. You should also make sure that your installation complies with the local fireplace ordinance.

2. Use outdoor-approved appliances only

Don’t forget that your kitchen will be exposed to bad weather conditions at times. When buying devices for outdoor use, always look out for weatherproof materials.

3. Protect your kitchen against water
Normally, additional devices are simply inserted into the main framework (instead of being glued onto the surface). This means that raindrops might occasionally find their way inside – which won’t do any harm, as long as it can drain through some sort of outlet.   

4. Install a reliable power supply
Needless to say, your garden kitchen won’t be of much use without electricity. For outdoor spaces, we recommend water-protected Gira socket outlets that comply with the IP44 standard. You can also add the Gira light and energy profile to your installation: this two-in-one solution powers your electric barbecue while illuminating your pathway at night.  

From mouth-watering appetisers to hearty entrees and sweet desserts – any dish will taste at least two times better in the fresh air of a mild summer evening. With a modern garden kitchen, even the preparations can turn into a unique outdoor experience.