Set against the picturesque landscape of Ibiza, a modern villa brings together nature and purist architecture. We’ve got all the details on how this Mediterranean retreat came about – along with stunning pictures, of course.
Ca l'Amo
Scandinavian and Mediterranean elements merged into a pure, minimalist aesthetic. Source: Marià Castelló

Just outside the town of Sant Mateu, an ensemble of five cubic structures forms the Ca l'Amo house. The backdrop is nothing short of awe-inspiring: pine trees, junipers, and rustic quarry stone walls on the edge of a forest, located near the north coast of the Balearic Island. Apart from its idyllic setting, the holiday home stuns with state-of-the art design – both inside and out.

Five white cubes turned into a holistic concept

The Ca l'Amo house was realised by award-winning architect Marià Castelló, whose office is based in the neighbouring island of Formentera. Built in dry construction on a continuous stone base, it flaunts a white facade that consists of five rectangular cubes.  

Clear lines and open perspectives characterise the overall appearance. Three of the cubic structures are connected by passageways, creating a spacious living area for the family. The fourth cube serves as a roofed outdoor area with plenty of space for relaxed barbecues or elegant cocktail parties. A large swimming pool separates the guest rooms in the fifth cube from the main house.

Ca l'Amo
The different cubes are connected through open passageways and glass facades. Source: Marià Castelló
Ca l'Amo
All residents at the Ca l'Amo house enjoy finest living comfort – pets included. Source: Marià Castelló
Ca l'Amo
A large swimming pool separates the guest area from the main house. Source: Marià Castelló

Building in harmony with nature

The arrangement of rooms with partly open and partly closed connections not only allow for breath-taking views – it also ensures free air circulation and ventilation all around the house. Castelló incorporated lots of natural materials so that the Mediterranean landscape would be reflected throughout the building. Thanks to wooden elements and bright mineral panels on the exterior cladding, the cubes blend in neatly with their surroundings. The facade’s wooden components can also be moved and used as flexible sunshades.

For the interior floors, Castelló chose a variety of limestones with different shapes and textures. The smooth mineral flooring and wooden ceilings create a unique fusion of Scandinavian and Mediterranean influences.

Purist design with selected highlights

Less is more at the Ca l’Amo house: against a minimalist background, unique statement pieces present themselves in their best light. Outside, you will find furniture from exclusive brands such as Gandía Blasco and Diabla Outdoor, for example. Inside, the eclectic mix of styles is complemented by Gira E2 switches on the wall. Their frame design combines a clean, angular shape with high-quality materials: subtle details that make a big difference.  

Ca l'Amo
Lazy days at the pool, bubble baths in the evening: the Ca l'Amo almost feels like a wellness spa. Source: Marià Castelló.
Ca l'Amo
A suspended fireplace brings a sense of Scandinavian cosiness into the open living spaces. Source: Marià Castelló.

When every day feels like a holiday: living ideas for modern homes

Just like the Casa l’Amo, the Gira showroom in Palma de Mallorca was inspired by the Mediterranean flair of the Balearic Islands. The location has been offering an interactive experience of Smart Home technology across 70 square metres since November 2019. After Barcelona and Madrid, this is now the third Gira showroom that draws visitors on holiday.