Wood used throughout 

Wood used throughout 

This detached house stands in the middle of a large plot of land. Aside from the concrete foundations, the bathroom and the staircase, the entire house was constructed from wood. 


Bogenfeld Architektur ZT-GmbH



St. Peter in der Au, Austria

High-precision planning 

St. Peter in der Au is a market town with just over 5000 residents in the municipality of Amstetten in Lower Austria, an idyllic-looking region in the western "Mostviertel". The town hall is housed in the historic castle, which has a walkway leading to the late Gothic fortress church.

This green plot is populated with a number of consistently designed detached buildings. The owner inherited the large plot – which previously housed the parsonage – from her grandmother. After the birth of their first child, the couple decided to build on the land, opting for wood as their primary material. 

The family researched wooden architecture thoroughly before proceeding with their plans, driving to building sites, taking part in tours of houses and completing a course on "Building with the sun". The owner also studied architecture in great detail, which resulted in a particular passion for the traditional wooden homes prevalent in Vorarlberg. 

The owners engaged the company Bogenfeld Architektur from Linz, having become aware of their work on a town house renovation in Vienna which was nominated for the Austrian national prize for architecture and sustainability in 2014. In St. Peter, the architects had to work with the limitation that the property could not take up the entire plot. The result was a house that stands in the middle of the land. Aside from the concrete foundations, the bathroom and the staircase, the entire house was constructed from wood. 

The layout was deliberately kept simple so that the interior can be changed and restructured at any time, giving the young family the flexibility it needs to grow. A large sloping roof provides sufficient space for top-floor bedrooms for the parents and children. As the roof slopes over the patio at the side of the house, the family – which has since grown to four – can spend plenty of time outdoors. Two thirds of the south-facing side of the building have floor-to-ceiling windows on the ground floor to allow light to flood into the house. 

The team at Bogenfeld Architektur took care not only of the design and construction of the house, but also of the interior concept. Here, too, wood dominates: The dining table, chairs, all wall cabinets and kitchen units, as well as the freestanding kitchen island are all made of wood; the ceiling is cross-laminated timber. To match the wood interior, the architects proposed the Gira E2 design line in anthracite. This series creates a harmonious look and adds stylish accents to the walls in every room. 

The wooden house at St. Peter in der Au was a winner at the "best architects 18" awards and was also awarded the Lower Austria prize for wooden architecture. 

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